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28 October 2007
Copy for inclusion to be handed in to the Manse as soon as possible.

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The Bulletin

October 2007

New elders

Our new elders after they were ordained at the end of August.

Diary Dates

EACH WEEK (apart from holidays)
Sundays 10.00 am Children's Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Wednesday 3rd :
Time for Chat and Coffee 10.30 am Old Hall
Choir Practice 7.30 pm Old Hall

Sunday 7th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Adult Sunday School St Paul – his Letters 11.30 am
EVENING SERVICE 6.00 pm West Church

Sunday 14th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Cruden Churches Walk 11.30 am Udny
EVENING SERVICE 6.00 pm West Church

Monday 15th :
Watch & Talk Group 7.30 pm at the home of
Marilyn Samways, Burnview, Main Street, Cruden Bay

Sunday 21st :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Adult Sunday School Christianity Spreads 1 11.30 am
EVENING SERVICE 6.00 pm West Church

Monday 22nd :
Kirk Session 7.30pm Old Hall

Wednesday 24th :
Choir Practice 7.30 pm Old Hall

Sunday 28th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Adult Sunday School Christianity Spreads 2 11.30 am
EVENING SERVICE 6.00 pm West Church

Monday 29th :
The Guild 7.30 pm Old Hall
Stretching the Mind Quiz Time


THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE BULLETIN WILL COME OUT ON 28 October . Copy for inclusion to be handed in to the Manse as soon as possible.



28 September 2007

Dear Friends

I don't often use this letter to talk about events on the world's stage and so you might have suspected that I am only concerned with what affect Cruden Parish. However as I sit down to write this I cannot get out of my mind what is currently dominating our news headlines – the events unfolding in Burma.

As a congregation, our world focus tends to be focussed on Africa and Malawi in particular but the support we give Christian Aid each year means our generosity reaches round the world. It is not often we find reason to focus on Asia but now the news is reminding us of the great injustice people suffer in Burma as a result of the appalling military dictatorship.

I heard that over 50% of the country's wealth is spent on the army. With no external enemy, this is purely to ensure the soldiers are motivated to do what the generals order even if it means firing at their fellow countrymen and women.

The fact is that so many in that land suffer severe poverty to allow those in power to retain that power and their rich and very privileged lifestyle.

I heard on the TV that other countries cannot interfere because it is an internal matter which does not affect other nations. I would question the morality of that United Nations stance. It is tantamount to saying you cannot brutalise other people with impunity but you can brutalise your own people as much as you like.

It leaves me wondering what depths of brutality can dictators get away with before other nations are able to intervene. Maybe it is time to say that the internal affairs of a country become a matter for external action rather than just concern if there is a clear, undeniable and very significant abuse of human rights.

Why is it taking so long for cruel dictators to realise that you can deny human rights but you will never quench the aspiration for freedom and justice in those who were created in the image and likeness of God. We can only admire the courage of the Buddhist monks in that land and the ordinary people whose only wish is for justice and freedom.

Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson




We spend our days talking more and more about less and less!

As St Augustine remarked, there is no advantage in standing before God with nothing in your hands if your heart is consumed with the desire for everything.

We easily forget that no matter what we possess, someday our life will end and all our things will be left behind for others to haggle over.

Obsession with the passing flow of events, with the fantasy world of creative imagination prevents us from looking deep into ourselves to see who w really are.

On most days it is hard to hear God's whispers because we are deafened by the rushing waters of our lives, the passing evens and the shouting people around us.

St Augustine said that the people who do the most talking are those with least to say.




The Psalms that we shall be considering in October are

  • October 7 - Psalm 24
  • October 14 - Psalm 27
  • October 21 - Psalm 46
  • October 28 - Psalm 67



A very successful Cake and Candy Sale combined with a number of very generous donations brought the total funds raised to £930. It was good to have Sena Allen to open the sale and to give us first hand knowledge of the needs of the people of Malawi. We wish to say a big Thank You to everyone who supported this event in so many different ways and whose enthusiasm brought about the excellent result. The donation of knitting, pens and pencils, bed linen and other items continue to be handed in on almost a weekly basis and we would like to thank all those who have contributed goods for the boxes we send out to Ekwendeni Hospital throughout the year.

Annette Garden



17th September

(Formerly the Video/DVD Group)

Our first Meeting for a new session was held at the home of Annette Garden and we decided to give our Group a new name as we are never sure whether we will be watching a Video or a DVD.

This month we watched a Video called Galloping Through The Gospels presented by David Nunn. It is a condensed story of the Life of Jesus Christ during his teaching years, starting mainly from his Baptism by John the Baptist in the river Jordan and going through to his death on the Cross in a place called Golgotha. We were taken through all the well known places mentioned in the Bible where Jesus visited during his few short years as a Teacher. Those of us who had been on the Pilgrimage to Israel in May recognised quite a few of the places visited by David Dunn. The Group found this Video very interesting and enjoyed watching it.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 15th October in the home of Marilyn Samways, Cruden Bay

Jenny McGarrol



Kid's Answers

Teacher: Maria, go to the map and find North America.

Maria: Her it is.

Teacher: Correct. Now class, who discovered America?

Class: Maria.


Life and Work Website





Mrs Isobel Connon, Cruden Bay who will be celebrating her 80th birthday this month

The minister would welcome, in writing please, e-mail preferred, any news for this feature in the Bulletin. He feels that it should not simply be a list of anniversaries and birthdays.


September was an eventful month for Rosemary and Archie Reid, Hatton. Grandaughter Rosie was born on the 4th and Rosemary's Mum, Lillabet, celebrated her 90th birthday on the 17th. Lots to give thanks for.



Cruden Church Social Committee would like to organise a trip to the pantomime. It will probably be on Saturday 8 December, a matinee performance of Snow White at the Arts Centre in Aberdeen. The tickets are not available yet but will cost no more than £10. Transport will be arranged (cars or a bus). In order to gauge interest you are asked to add your name to the sheets on the church notice boards .



Use the Guestbook - Please

On our website there is a Guestbook page. This is not just for those elsewhere in the world to use. We would be delighted to get feedback from members looking at the site. Tell us what you think of it, or what you feel we have missed out.

Your helpful comments would be most welcome

[Click here to visit the Guestbook]


Cruden Church Member to run the New York marathon

Sian Lamb from Cruden Bay along with her friend Marie (both now trained nurses) are running the New York Marathon in November to raise money for Children with Leukaemia . They are paying all their own expenses - flights, hotel, etc. - and have pledged to raise several thousand pounds in sponsorship in return for a Marathon place. They train very hard in between working 12 hour shifts in their respective hospitals, although it isn't easy for them to find the time, and they are determined to finish the race, even if not in a record-breaking time!

(and make sure you check out her website)

Friends, Relatives and folk wot know me...

Having spent the last three years working extremely hard to get my nursing degree, I suddenly found myself with time on my hands (in between 12 hour shifts) to do something other than study or work. Hmmmm, what to do with my new found couple of days a week? Ah, of course, RUN A MARATHON! Not one to do things by half, why not the biggest, best and most exciting……..

My running career to date has evolved from the odd lumbering 20 mins on the treadmill at the gym to a few 10k races (in the second of which I came spectacularly last!) and four half marathons, breaking absolutely no records with a best time of 2 hrs 20 mins. So, as any attempt at the marathon distance is, quite obviously, not going to be distracting the Olympic Selection Committee, I decided to have a much better goal than gold and glory, that of raising WADS of CASH for………

and that is where you come in…. .

I do my bit…..

•  Train like a dafty, running miles and miles in all weathers

•  Fly to New York *

•  Put on Mr Men/Little Miss running vest (it's actually quite groovy!)

•  Run 26.2 miles cheered on by 2 million spectators

•  Spend the next week walking in a strange manner making funny wincing noises with each step (but beaming with pride and flashing my finisher's medal!)

•  Give Children with Leukaemia A MASSIVE CHEQUE!

…..and you do yours

•  Think to yourself “Wow, that's ACE!”

•  Log on to

•  OR see me in person


•  Log on to to read my training blog (in the official ING NY Marathon training blogs section) and track my progress.

•  Watch the race on CNN and look for me in my Mr Men/Little Miss vest

* All travel and accommodation costs will be covered by me personally…… EVERY PENNY donated will go to CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA (and please don't forget to GIFT AID it!)



An evening of light entertainment by five young vibrant brass players endeavouring to bring music to life for the enjoyment of all.

Thursday 11 October Haddo House Library 7.30 pm

Tickets £10 Concession £8 and Children £5

Telephone 07711 809803

Saturday 13 October St Mary's Church, Inverurie 8 pm

Tickets £9 Concession £7 and Children/Students £1

Telephone 01467 624629





Global warming – truth or myth?
Three writers this month offer Christian perspectives on the environmental debate of our time. Fred Dinning , an engineer and convener of the Church committee behind a recent report on energy; The Rev Dr John Cameron , who claims the global warming debate has been “hyped into an article of religious faith” and Dr Stuart Monro OBE , Scientific Director of Dynamic Earth and Kirk elder,who looks at the issue from a geological perspective.

Harvest blessings
In her regular monthly column, the Moderator, the Rt Rev Sheilagh Kesting offers a harvest thanksgiving message. She expresses concern about the growing lack of knowledge about the food in our homes among youngsters.

A green warrior
Robin Harper, Scotland's first Green MSP and joint leader of the party in Scotland, is the subject of this month's profile.

Multi-faith Scotland
In the first of a new series Laurence Wareing explores Islam and Sikhism.

A moderating influence
Recent Kirk legislation allows elders to act as Interim Moderators in a vacancy. Two elders write about this new role.

God's own country
The Rev Bryan Kerr highlights the challenges of rural ministry.

Space for the stranger
Douglas Galbraith looks at worship ‘beyond the walls'

And more…. Comment, book reviews, travel, finance, lively letters, news from far and near, prize crosswords…. all for £1.60!

If you would like to read Life & Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland,

contact Isobel Young on 812360

Life and Work Website



Boxes should be handed in to:

Cruden Bay Mrs Jenny McGarrol, 3 Ward Street (812408)

Hatton Mrs Jean Beedie, 37 Manse Road (841370)

OR the Old and West Churches on Sunday mornings and evenings respectively.

Please note that boxes should be handed in by the END OF OCTOBER

If you do not want to fill your own shoebox but would like to donate items, please bring them to the church and place in the receptacle provided.




*denotes member

*Mr Andy Smith, Norwood, Main Street, Hatton.
Mrs Meggie Murdoch, Hatton Farm Gardens, Hattton
Mrs Anne Cobban, Sunnybank Nursing Home, Cruden Bay


Holy Communion

28 October West Church 6.00pm

Duty Elders: Shonah Taylor, Margaret Jamieson, Peter Slamaker,
Robert Petticrew, Muriel Cantlay, Joyce Willox




From now until Christmas, the hymnbook used in the Old Church will be CH4. On those same Sundays, Combined Mission Praise will be used for our evening services in the West Church.



If unable to do door duty, please inform Sandy Beedie - 841370. This should be done by the preceding Friday to allow correct names to be listed on the service order. If unable to do tea duty, please inform Mary Esson - 812206. We would prefer, if you are unable to fulfil your duty, that you endeavour to find your own replacement before informing Sandy or Mary as appropriate.




Sunday Evenings West Church 6.45 pm

Look out for further details next month


Rev Rodger Neilson
Telephone 01779 841229

Session Clerk
Sandy Beedie

Rosemary Pittendrigh

District Elders
Betty Forrester, Margaret Jamieson
Rural Robert Esson, Robert Petticrew
Peterhead Sandy Smith
Cruden Bay Jack Young, Kate Clark Betty May

Church Officer
David Singleton

Bond Treasurer
Muriel Cantlay

WFO Treasurer
Annette Garden

Roll Keeper
Mary McNaughtan

Presbytery Elder
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Child Protection Co-ordinator
Kathleen Craig

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