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The Bulletin

January 2008


Diary Dates

Wednesdays 7.30 pm Choir Practice in the Old Church Hall resuming 9th

Sundays 10.00 am Children's Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Sunday 6th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church

Sunday 13th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church

Monday 14th :
Video Group 7.30 pm Burnview, Main Street, Cruden Bay

Sunday 20th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church

Sunday 27th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Sacrament of Holy Communion
Service conducted by the Rev Fred Coutts

Monday 28th :
The Guild 7.30 pm Old Church
Coping with Alzheimer's Disease

From 21 January to 9 February, during the absence of the Minister, pastoral duties will be undertaken by
the Rev Allan Fawkes (phone 01779 841814).


Sunday 3rd :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Service conducted by the Rev Fred Coutts

Monday 18th : Kirk Session 7.30 pm Old Hall

Friday 22nd :
Snowdrop Dinner 7.00 pm Red House Hotel





19 December 2007

Dear Friends

A very Happy New Year to you all

It is very tempting in the middle of the winter sometimes to cast your mind ahead to the warmer sunnier months. Sometimes in church planning you are obliged to do so. A number of the elders have been discussing our congregation's involvement in a Church of Scotland event taking place on the first weekend of May at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston near Edinburgh.

The Church Without Walls project, on the go now for a few years, is all about encouraging Christian congregations to be open and positive about the future.

CWW 2008 – the National Gathering is bringing congregations from all over Scotland to Ingliston to tell their own story at an event at which Church of Scotland members can be present in large numbers. The church is trying to be a movement rather than a museum!

The Kirk Session has agreed to be fully involved and this means buying one of the 500 tents which will be pitched and in which we will have a display to tell the story of Cruden Church. After the event our tent will be donated to an international relief project specialising in disaster relief and emergency aid.

Our hope is that members of the congregation will want to attend this event and so we intend to organise a bus to go to Ingliston on Saturday 3 May. Entry tickets will be £10 per person with a family ticket available for £30. To that will need to be added a share of the bus hire plus meal costs. It promises to be an exciting day out for at the event there will be other congregational tents to visit as well as speakers, music, workshops, zones for children and young people and cafes and catering for all tastes.

Please look out for the notice on the welcome area board and add your name if you might be interested in going. It would be very helpful to have some early indication of interest – without any commitment on anyone's part. Further information can be obtained from myself or the planning group of elders – Wilma Moir, John Lamb, Beatrice Fawkes, Katherine Hyman and Karla Buswell.

Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson



*(denotes church member)

*Mrs Annie Bannerman, Wyndwell Nursing Home, Peterhead.



Please do not throw away the stamps from all the cards which you received this Christmas. Those attending church on Sundays are invited to bring used postage stamps cut carefully from envelopes and postcards. Please place them in the receptacle by the Church notice board. If you cannot bring them yourself, please ask a friend to do so.



Thanks to the generosity of those attending our Watchnight and Christmas Day services, UCAN, a north east charity supporting research and treatment of urological cancer, will receive £295.50



Friday 22 February 2008

Red House Hotel

7 for 7.30pm

Ticket £17 each
to include 3 course meal & wine

After-dinner speaker – Mr Gordon Hay, Longside

Musical entertainment being arranged

An Initiative of Cruden Parish Church Social Committee



Such is our desire for imperishable life that we cannot be satisfied with having a long life this side of death.

Augustine explained that God made us without our cooperation but will not save us without our cooperation.

We can see that it is better to put our faith, hope and love in God rather than ourselves; in one who loves us infinitely more than we can love ourselves. Then we can think of ourselves as not being left alone. Christ lives deep inside us, present in out heart through faith.

My self is fragile. Every human being is a something pulled towards nothingness. We cannot shine on our own. We escape the dark of non-existence only so long as divine light stays with us and in us.

The force of habit makes it difficult to change a course from a road long travelled, from a way of living or a way of thinking ingrained in us by time. When we are old, those who care for us are paid to do so, like those assigned to watch a smouldering fire until it is at last extinguished. The question for many of us in our lengthening life is whether our self will disappear from time like rising smoke or will grow in substance in the eyes of God as we come closer to eternity. The root of our continuing anxiety is that we want to be something but are always on the verge of being nothing. Perhaps it is this awareness of our fragility that prompts some of us to spend a lifetime seeking a safe place with no surprises. How do we deal with the sobering fact of our fragility? We can simply ignore it or we can use it as an excuse to live as we please now (eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die). But if we have the gift of faith, we may say to ourselves “Eat, drink, and die, for tomorrow you will be merry.” Then we will continue to truly live until we die, knowing that death will be a door to life of eternal happiness.

The message of faith is that I am fragile to be sure, but I am also imperishable, a being with truly infinite possibilities.





Rosemary and Archie Reid, Manse Road, Hatton, are delighted to announce the arrival of their grandson Fraser Michael Archie on 1st December.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, any news for this feature in the Bulletin .





It was good to have the organ overhaul completed before our Christmas services started and our organists are delighted with the result! The Minister was delighted at the number attending the Christingle Service – as many as had been at the morning service on the 23rd – about 70 people. The 40 people attending the West Church Carol service on the 23rd was far more than expected but there was no increase in the number attending the Watchnight and Christmas Day Services.

Unfortunately the repairs to the Old Church roof were not completed before Christmas. While the roof was secure from any more water getting in, the workmen will be back to finish after their New Year holiday is over.

Look back at Christmas

- thoughts from Alison Hay




Holy One


Risen Lord


Isaiah foretold




To worship him


Mary, mother of Jesus


Angels rejoice in Him


Salvation for humankind





A new regular feature in the Bulletin

We are looking for someone to spend a little time in our properties making an inventory of contents. If interested please phone the Minister (841229) for further information.


Our Sunday Morning Worship

For most of January, we shall consider more teaching from the Psalms.

The Bible readings for January are

January 7
Psalm 27 : 1 - 14 Ephesians 5 : 8 – 21

January 14
Psalm 29 : 1 - 11 Matthew 8: 23– 27

January 21
Psalm 118 : 19 - 29 Acts 4 : 8 - 12

January 28
Pulpit Supply Rev Fred Coutts

In line with the decision of the Kirk Session taken last August, there will be no services in the West Church after December 2007. In November the Session confirmed that there will therefore, in the meantime, be no evening services. This means that currently we have only one Sunday service at 10 am in the Old Church.



The first half of the Guild year has been very interesting. We started off in September with local author Debra Leslie who writes books in the Doric and we were all amused by the stories she read to us.

In October we were especially fortunate when Marjorie Clark of Christian Aid came to address us. She gave us a firsthand account of the work that Christian Aid does and showed us what a worthwhile cause it is.

November brought Ruth Thomson of CHAS. Her talk on the children's hospice association was very moving.

With Christmas approaching it was time for a meal! This year St Olaf was the venue, secret Santa came, a quiz followed (thanks to Mrs Atholene Ritchie for making it up) and we finished the evening by singing carols.

In 2008 we continue with meetings related to the Guild theme ‘Body, Mind & Soul', and start with The Vulnerable Mind, when a representative from Alzheimer's Scotland will be the speaker. New members or casual visitors (male and female) always welcome.

Muriel Cantlay

Guild members will meet on
Monday 28 January in the Old Church
at 7.30 pm when they will have a guest speaker from Alzheimer's Society, Scotland.


Sometimes it is good to look back


We met and married a long time ago.
We worked long hours when wages were low.
No TV, no wireless, no bath; times were hard,
Just a cold water tap and a walk in the yard.
No holidays abroad, no carpets on the floors.
We had coal on the fire, and we didn't lock doors.
Our children arrived, no pill in those days.
We brought them up, without any state aid.
They were safe going to play in the park,
And old folks could go for a walk in the dark.
No valium, no drugs, and no LSD,
We cured most of our ills with a good cup of tea.
No vandals, no muggings, there was nothing to rob.
We felt we were rich with a couple of bob.
People were happier in those far off days,
Kinder and caring in so many ways.
Milkmen and paper boys would whistle and sing,
A night at the pictures was one mad fling.
We all get our share of trouble and strife;
We just have to face it, that's the pattern of life.
Now I'm alone, I look back through the years.
I don't think of the bad times, the troubles and tears.
I remember the blessings, our home and our love,
And that we shared them together, I thank God above.


Blessed are those with memories like these.



This is on the notice board in the Old Church welcome area and members are invited to add their name beside any date on which they would wish to place flowers on the communion table. It is hoped that the early months of this year will soon be filled.



Treasurers of our organisations are reminded that they must hand in to the manse by the end of February an audited copy of their balance sheet for the year ending 31 December 2007 Details of what is required will be found in the Leaflet for Treasurers, further copies of which are available from the Minister.



Hatton Guides are desperately needing a new leader. If you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to contact District Commissioner Annabella Vidgen 812445.



Since the Minister has been recently disappointed not to have always known when people are in hospital and then been discharged, repeated below is a reminder of what was printed a year ago in the Bulletin.

Information received from the Chaplaincy Office
at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

As a result of a national ruling that the Data Protection Act prohibits the hospital disclosing patient information to chaplains unless patients have given their explicit consent, the Chaplaincy Office is no longer to provide ministers with the amount of information which was previously made available.


What you should do

•  Members should inform the minister directly if they are going to be in hospital, as now we cannot guarantee that we will be able to inform your minister ourselves if members' information is not recorded appropriately on the hospital system.

•  Church members in hospital are encouraged to do the following

• If they are booked in for an elective (non-emergency) admission, they should ensure that they complete and return to the hospital the pro forma which is included in the Patient Information Booklet. This will allow the hospital to enter their religion details and to record their permission for us to inform the minister. They should check this information on the admission form they collect when they arrive at the hospital and request that any mistakes are corrected.

• If they are admitted as an emergency, they should request ward staff to record on the computer system their appropriate religion details and their permission for chaplains to have access to this information so that we may inform the relevant parish minister.

• If patients change their minds about what they requested to be recorded when they were admitted, they should request ward staff to make the changes.

• If they wish to request a visit from a hospital chaplain, they should request ward staff to contact the chaplain.

What this boils down to is quite simple. It is even more important than before that families inform the minister not only if there is anyone in hospital they would like visited and what ward they are in but also let the minister know when the patient is discharged.


Rev Rodger Neilson
Telephone 01779 841229

Session Clerk
Sandy Beedie

Rosemary Pittendrigh

District Elders
Betty Forrester, Margaret Jamieson
Rural Robert Esson, Robert Petticrew
Peterhead Sandy Smith
Cruden Bay Jack Young, Kate Clark Betty May

Church Officer
David Singleton

Bond Treasurer
Muriel Cantlay

WFO Treasurer
Annette Garden

Roll Keeper
Mary McNaughtan

Presbytery Elder
Sandy Beedie

Child Protection Co-ordinator
Kathleen Craig

Life & Work
Isobel Young

Christian Aid
Mary Esson

Junior Church
Katherine Hyman

Adrian Smith

Muriel Cantlay

Betty Forrester

Cleaning Co-ordinator
Beatrice Fawkes

West Church Teas
Betty Morris

Old Church Teas
Mary Esson

Church Walks
Robert Petticrew

Transport Co-ordinators
(Hatton) Sandy Beedie
(Cruden Bay) Rosemary Pittendrigh

Press Officer
Beatrice Fawkes

Missionary Partner Correspondent
Betty May

Committee Conveners
Finance Rosemary Pittendrigh
Property Robert Esson
Social Muriel Cantlay
Education & Worship John Lamb
Membership Kathleen Craig
Outreach Wilma Moir
District Elders Betty May