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The Bulletin

April 2008

From the CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS Planning Group

The National Gathering

Why Have We Created this Event?

We have created this event because we believe there are Christians all over Scotland who want to become change makers. Worshippers in all denominations are tired of conforming to old patterns that frankly no longer engage this generation. There is an acknowledgement by Church leaders of all shades of theological opinion that the church as we know it has a limited shelf life. The prophets among us have been telling us for years that God is doing a new thing. CWW 2008 – The National Gathering is an opportunity to listen to local and global voices and to engage with the challenge of change in your area.

Why Come to the National Gathering?

We would like you to come so that you can reflect on the things you and your congregation can't leave behind as you make your journey of change. We will focus on the compelling nature of the Gospel that calls us to the place of grace and forgiveness, compassion and mercy, friendship and service, death and resurrection.
One of the great changes taking place is that the church is focusing again on the power of local compassion to impact the global crisis. We invite you to join us in prayer as we all make the change from settled ministry to risk taking ministry.

3 – 4 May 2008 Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston

From the Minister

Dear Friends

Congregational Meeting - 13 April
The Kirk Session has decided to dispose of the West Church to avoid continuing to pay out sums of money keeping it wind and watertight. They have therefore asked the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland to offer it for sale. However for this to happen several permissions are required. While it was not necessary for the congregation to approve its closure, the congregation must approve that it be sold. Therefore, by decision of the Kirk Session, there will be a meeting of the congregation in Cruden Old Church at 11 am on Sunday 13 April following the morning service. The single item of business is to seek approval by the congregation of the Kirk Session decision to dispose of the building. All members are able to attend a congregational meeting.

National Gathering in May
Excitement is growing at the coming involvement of Cruden Church in a national event – not often done because of the distance we are away from the Central Belt. However we shall feature at the National Gathering in May being one of many congregations to have booked a tent to tell the story of Cruden Parish Church.
I am very much hoping a good number of members will want to go down to Ingliston, near Edinburgh. Why not decide to have a day out – tickets for the event cost £10 and the church has already booked a number of tickets for those wanting to go. Please add your name to the list in the Welcome Area or give me a phone. We need to know also if we should hire a bus as we planned to do or whether people will prefer to make their own arrangements by car in which case car-sharing would be very helpful.
Quiet a number of adults joined the Junior Church for their outing last year to Maryculter. There is no reason why as many, if not more, should not go that bit further and join Cruden Church in its involvement in this national event.

Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson


Diary Dates

Sundays 10.00 am Children's Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Wednesdays 7.30 pm Choir Practices in the Old Hall except 16 April

Wednesday 2nd :
Coffee and Chat 10.30 am Old Hall

Sunday 6th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
followed by Adult Sunday School - Deborah

Sunday 13th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
followed by a meeting of the congregation (see page opposite) followed by Adult Sunday School - Jezebel

Monday 14th :
Watch and Talk Group 7.30 pm at the home of
Marilyn Samways, Burnview, Main Street, Cruden Bay

Sunday 20th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
followed by Adult Sunday School - Ruth
Church Walk – Aberdeen March Stones 1.30 pm Aberdeen

Monday 21st :
Kirk Session 7.30 pm Old Hall

Sunday 27th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
service conducted by the Rev Bill Dunlop, Peterhead
Guild Sponsored Walk 1.00 pm

Monday 28th :
The Guild AGM 7.30 pm Old Church
Church Choir


Volunteer's Corner

We are looking for more sopranos to sing in the choir – so if you enjoy singing the melody line, why not speak to one of the choir members.





Miss Anne Cadey,Hobshill Road, Hatton

Mrs Maureen McKenzie, Hillhead of Sandford, Boddam

Mrs Eveline Wackett, Hobshill Road, Hatton




(in aid of Guild funds and the annual Senior Citizens' outing)

Sunday 27 April 1 pm Please come and enjoy the walk.

Sponsor Forms with details available from Church Notice Boards



An Afternoon Walk in Aberdeen


Website: [Aberdeen March Stone Trail]

The walk planned for this month is along part of the Aberdeen March Stones trail marking the boundary of the land given to Aberdeen in 1313 by Robert the Bruce. We will see twelve of the sixty five stones in this walk of six miles. This will be an educational walk and everyone is invited to come along. PLEASE MEET UP AT 1.30 PM AT THE FIRST LAY BY AFTER YOU TURN LEFT AT THE LIGHTS AT THE BRIDGE OF DON HEADING FOR THE BEACH. You can walk as far as you wish. For further information please contact me on 01771 624280

Robert Petticrew

Cruden Churches Walking Group

15 –17 AUGUST 2008


near Aviemore

Enquiries to Alison Neilson (01779 841229)

with whom you may reserve your place NOW if you think you might wish to go by paying a deposit of £25.

Final cost will be between £55 and £60 less deposit.




to Miss Barbara Davidson, Kirkburn Court, Peterhead and

Mrs Merrie Rennie, Suunybank Care Home, Cruden Bay

who will be celebrating their 90th Birthdays this month.



The Kirk Session would thank all members who have responded positively to our Stewardship Campaign last month.

We are grateful for the returned cards promising financial support and also for the MONEY donated.

The next Kirk Session meeting is at 7.30 pm on 21 April in the Old Church Hall. Any member of the Church can attend as an observers if they wish.

One of the items on the agenda will be the appointment of an elder to represent us in Presbytery next session.

New Conveners
At its March meeting, the Kirk Session warmly thanked Wilma Moir, Muriel Cantlay and Betty May for serving as conveners of the Outreach, Social and District Elders' Committees. They have been succeeded by Kate Clark, Beatrice Fawkes and Jack Young and we wish them well in their new responsibilities



The Guild AGM will be held on 28 April after which all those attending will have the Chance to enjoy listening to our church choir. This takes place in the Old Hall beginning at 7.30 pm

Muriel Cantlay welcomed about members and guests to the February meeting. After singing “The earth, with it's store of wonders untold”, Mary Coutts read Luke 14 : 15 – 24 and Rosemary Pittendrigh led the meeting in prayer. “Food for the mind” was the topic for the evening and we enjoyed an interesting and informative talk by Marilyn Samways in conjunction with a cookery demonstration from Sharon Rennie. The ladies were invited to taste a Fruit Smoothie, Salmon Stir Fry with couscous and roasted vegetables followed by a Chocolate Pot with a compote of summer fruits. Tea was served and following some business, the evening closed by singing “Fill your hearts with joy and gladness” and the Lord's Prayer.

Rosemary Pittendrigh


Annual Stated Meeting

Minute of Annual Stated Meeting held on Sunday 9 March 2008 in the Old Church during the morning service. The Rev Rodger Neilson presided over the meeting which was opened with prayer.

Minute: The minute of the 2007 Annual Stated Meeting was approved on the motion of Dr Chris Garrigan seconded by Muriel Cantlay.

Annual Accounts: A summary of the new style Annual Report had been previously distributed to members and adherents and a copy of the budget for 2009 made available to all attending the meeting. Rosemary Pittendrigh, Treasurer, reported that givings last year were up by almost £2,000 but it was only after transferring the McLeod Legacy (now totally used) and £3,400 of the Organ Fund to pay for the organ renovation that a surplus of £5,273 was left in the General Account. This had been in line with the budget figure. A total of £3,129 was collected and distributed for special purposes.

The accounts had been independently examined, found to be in order in line with the requirements laid down by the Church of Scotland and also the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and subsequently approved by the Kirk Session.

Mrs Pittendrigh went on to give an account of the 2008 Budget which allowed for a surplus of £4,272. Mr Neilson thanked Mrs Pittendrigh for all her work throughout the year and expressed thanks also to the Congregation's Independent Examiner Alistair Bain who had been assisted by Shonah Taylor and also to the organisation treasurers required to submit their accounts earlier than usual.

Minister's Report: Mr Neilson spoke of a very eventful year mentioning the very difficult decision taken to close the West Church, the extensive overhaul of the organ and the lead stolen from the Old Church roof. On the positive side were the successful initiative of an Adult Sunday School, the ordination of four elders and the appointment of David Singleton as church officer. He expressed his thanks to all the elders and members from whom he receives support and encouragement.

Election of Members to serve on Kirk Session Committees: Having thanked the retiring members, Mr Neilson called for nominations to fill the six vacancies for members to serve on Session Committees.




Mary Coutts

Beatrice Fawkes

Jean Beedie

Sarah Paterson

Marilyn Samways

Kathleen Craig

Katherine Anderson

Jean Beedie

Ann McNaughton

David Singleton

Rosemary Pittendrigh

Marilyn Samways

Mary McNaughtan

Rosemary Pittendrigh

Muriel Cantlay

Margaret Adams

Beatrice Fawkes

Shonah Taylor

There being no further nominations, Mr Neilson declared that those nominated were thus elected to serve on the Kirk Session Committees.

Closure: There being no other business, Mr Neilson closed the meeting with prayer.



Christian Aid Week

11-17 May 2008


Here we are again in Spring Time, and what does that also mean? Christian Aid time has come around again.

There is to be a Buttery Morning on Saturday 10 May 2008 in the Public Hall Hatton from 10.00 a.m. until 11.30 a.m. Admission will be £2.00 per person. Raffles will be on sale.

As is normal, I will be looking out for collectors for the House to House collection during the week 11 - 17 May 2008. I feel that if we have enough people willing to give up some of their valuable time, it may work out that the more people we get, the less an area you may have.

The count will take place in the Old Hall on Friday 16 May from 7.00 p.m. onwards.

I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for Christian Aid Week, that they give me a call. I would hope to have an update for the next Bulletin.

Mary Esson


Snowdrop Dinner

The Social Committee thank all who attended the Snowdrop Dinner on 22 February and hope they had an enjoyable evening . Over £150 was raised.

Photographs of the Snowdrop Dinner:
[Click Here]


Sharing Our Books

Following the second successful church bookstall, an invitation is extended to anyone who would be interested and who purchased books to bring them to my home on Wednesday, 14 May at 7.30 pm. We can talk about the books we bought and how interesting we found them. If you were happy to do so, the books might even be lent and borrowed. Over a cup of tea or coffee we could share suggestions for future book stalls.

If you would like to come along, please would you contact either Beatrice Fawkes (841814) or myself (812998).

Annette Garden, Westover, West Gask



Adult Sunday School

Under the auspices of the Kirk Session's Education and Worship Committee, there will be another Adult Sunday School series in April – the last one before the summer. The last series saw an increase in the number coming and it is hoped that as many, if not more, will be interested in what will now be offered. The subject of the three Sunday series is Significant Women of the Old Testament.

As before the Adult SS will be held at 11.30 am on Sundays in the Old Church lasting approximately ¾ hour and the dates and subjects are listed elsewhere in the Bulletin. Once again, this series will follow a different format when different people will introduce the day's subject before a time of questions and discussion.

While there is a common theme, the subjects are quite separate so you can come along to as many or as few as you like. I hope you will want to.


Dates 6, 13 and 20 April

Time 11.30 am – 12.15 pm

Place Cruden Old Church

Week One – 6th
Deborah led by Rodger Neilson

Week Two – 13th
Jezebel led by Fred Coutts

Week Three
Ruth Led by Allan Fawkes

Format 3/4 hour interactive chatting


GLEANINGS from a Study Leave Notebook

Selfish love rejects the God of life for the pleasures of the present.

Without some kind of love for God we cannot love ourselves, and if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love others. At the same time, we cannot love God is we don't love ourselves.

While respect can be one-sided, love by its nature is reciprocal.
We begin our lives with discovery of the external world and then the discovery of human love. But since that is transient, we must move beyond them to discover union with God.

If you are going to praise the works of God, you should begin with yourself for you too are a work of God.


LIFE and WORK - April Issue

Donor Dilemma A doctor, an MSP and the recipient of a donated liver discuss the proposed change to ‘presumed consent' for organ donation.

Eat, drink and be merry Profile of Michele Guinness, author of The Heavenly Party. Michele converted from Judaism to Christianity in her teens, and is on a mission to reconnect the Christian church with its Jewish roots.

A lasting legacy Lynne McNeil marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the Very Rev Archibald Charteris, founder of Life and Work, the Church of Scotland Guild and the Diaconate.

‘Donkeyspeak' Ron Ferguson looks at some of the less credible Bible stories and what they mean for ‘the plain meaning of scripture'.

Honest to God James Simpson urges us to admit that there are many questions to which we don't know the answer.

Leadership and commitment Jock Stein finds a reflection of the leadership skills of Jesus in an inspirational New York head teacher.

The end is nigh Alan Taylor takes a whimsical look at our relationship with death.

Worthy for worship John R Hume continues his series on Scottish Cathedrals with a visit to St Machar's in Aberdeen.

Plus – letters, book reviews, prayer, news and crosswords – all for just £1.

If you would like to read Life & Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland,

contact Isobel Young on 812360


Life and Work Website



On 10 March we watched the 3rd session of “God's Global City” which showed us how Latin American Christians take their faith in Christ seriously and relate it to their life style. This applies to their sense of national identity, to their home life and to their aspirations for good government.

Two of the main problems are the extent of corruption in their society and also the great divide between the rich and the poor.

The next meeting is on 14 April at the home of Mrs Marilyn Samways where we will watch “Mission to People of Other Faiths” focussing on the Middle East. We will bring our session to a close with a celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Alison Neilson

WHEELCHAIR - Those attending church should note that a wheelchair has been purchased to assist anyone who takes unwell to be helped out of the church in a dignified way.


Rev Rodger Neilson
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