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25 May
Copy for inclusion to be handed in to the Manse as soon as possible.

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The Bulletin

May 2008



  1. Having received notice from Sandy Beedie in March that he wished to retire as Session Clerk, the Kirk Session were pleased to appoint as his successor Robert Esson who will take up office at the May meeting of the Session.
  2. The Session were pleased to receive a report from Sandy Beedie on his year's service as Presbytery Elder. The Session were equally pleased to appoint Robert Esson to represent it in the forthcoming session which starts in July.

11-17 May 2998

The annual Buttery Morning will be on Saturday 10 May from 10 am until 11.30 am in Hatton Village Hall. Admission £2.

The House to House collection will take place during the week of 11 - 17 May .

Those who are tax payers are encouraged to complete the Gift Aid part on the envelope.
Please note that if you do NOT want follow up material from Christian Aid you must tick the appropriate box – otherwise you will receive later mailing.


Diary Dates


Wednesdays 7.30 pm Choir Practice in the Old Church Hall

Sundays 10.00 am Children's Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Thursday 1st :
Guild Presbyterial Council Coffee Evening
7. 30 pm New Deer Church Centre

3rd - 4th National Gathering, Ingliston

Sunday 4th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Service conducted by Alice MacLeod, Reader in Training

Saturday 10th :
Christian Aid Buttery Morning 10.00 am Hatton Village Hall

11th – 17th Christian Aid Week

Sunday 11th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church

Sunday 18th :
therefore no service in the Old Church

Church Walk – Sands of Forvie 11 am

Sunday 25th :

Sacrament of Holy Communion

Monday 26th
Kirk Session meeting 7.30 pm Old Hall

******* MAY HYMN BOOK CH4 *******

THE NEXT ISSUE OF THE BULLETIN WILL COME OUT ON 25 MAY . Copy for inclusion to be handed in to the Manse as soon as possible.

Anyone who might be considering whether they would like to join the church should contact the minister. All those intending to become full church members are invited first of all to start attending church services.





*Miss Barbara Davidson, Kirkburn Court Nursing Home, Peterhead.

*Mrs Rosemary Hay, Errollston Road, Cruden Bay.

*Mr Charles Smith. Braehead Drive, Cruden Bay

*denotes member

Apologies are extended to Mrs Eveline Wackett for the wrong spelling of her first name last month.



Old Church - 25 May, 10 am

Duty Elders
Kate Clark, Betty Forrester, Mary Bratton,
Annette Garden, Robert Petticrew, Sandy Smith, Andrew Clyne,
John Lamb, Rosemary Pittendrigh, Robert Esson.

TO THOSE ON SUNDAY DUTY If you are unable to fulfil your door duty, please try to find your own replacement before informing Sandy Beedie (door rota)- 841370 or Mary Esson (teas rota) 812206.

Our Church Treasurer, Rosemary Pittendrigh, has informed the Kirk Session of the positive results of the recent Stewardship Campaign. We are grateful to all the members who are generous in their support of the church.

CHRISTIAN AID POSTSCRIPT On the front cover of the Bulletin there is an encouragement to taxpayers to complete the Gift Aid declaration on the Christian Aid Week envelopes. Please note that if you do NOT want follow up material from Christian Aid you must tick the appropriate box – otherwise you will receive later mailing.



At Cruden Old Church on Sunday 13 April 2008 at which place and date the congregation met and was constituted with prayer.

The Minister explained to the congregation the single reason for the meeting, and called on Mrs Rosemary Pittendrigh, Treasurer, to put forward a proposal from the Kirk Session regarding the disposal of the West Church, Hatton.

On behalf of the Kirk Session, she proposed that the congregation

support the Kirk Session in its decision to dispose of the West Church and approve the sale of the West Church building and the adjacent ground belonging to the congregation lying to the west of the Manse.

The Minister called for questions and comments on the proposal. Discussion ensued regarding the exact area to be covered, and to the contents of the building. A vote was called for, and the congregation by an overwhelming majority agreed the proposal.

The Minister thanked the congregation for their attendance and closed the meeting with prayer.



The 4th Session of 'God's Global City' covered the areas of the Sudan and the Middle East where Christianity is still a minority religion but, despite that, it is progressing at a steady pace. The Christian Coptic Church in Egypt has been in existence since the 1st century which would suggest Christianity has a great staying power throughout the centuries. The Christians in the Middle East take their social responsibility very seriously. Being able to teach Christianity to the ordinary people was quite difficult until the introduction of Sat-7 which is a Satellite Channel reaching into the homes of all those with the facility to receive it thus allowing the word of God to reach a wider audience.

The 5th Session touched on the fact that migrant workers moving from one country to another took with them their own religions which did not always please the people of the countries they chose to settle in. This situation has invariably brought trouble and unrest to a lot of communities whereas if the hand of friendship had been extended to each other that would show that actions, not words, can bring a more satisfactory result.

Overall 'God's Global City' video allowed the viewers to understand that in the main Christianity and most other religions have the same aim in life and perhaps if we walk side by side we will all reach our goal together.

Our Meeting ended with a short Communion Service taken by our minister, Rodger Neilson. Our thanks must be extended to Marilyn Samways for welcoming us into her home during the 2007/8 Session and always providing us with an enjoyable 'cuppa' after each meeting.

Jenny McGarrol




To Mr & Mrs J Nicolson, Braehead Drive, Cruden Bay, who will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding this month.

Our apolgies are extended to Mrs Merrie Rennie, Sunnybank Care Home because in last month's Bulletin we aged her 4 months by saying that her 90th Birthday was in April when, in fact, it is not due until July.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, e-mail preferred, any news for this feature in the Bulletin. He feels that it should not simply be a list of anniversaries and birthdays



Aberdeen March Stones Trail

12 of us met at the Esplanade by the River Don to tackle this walk, including Peter and Trish Robinson from St James's and Sheila Harris. Sheila was one of our regular walkers before she and her husband, Ted, moved to live in Aberdeen.

The Stones get their name from a march round the boundary of lands granted to Aberdeen custodianship by Robert the Bruce. There are a total of 66 Stones in and around Aberdeen but the Group only did Trail 1 which included Stones 55 to 66. We actually did it backwards from 66 to 55!! The weather was kind to us and the sun shone all afternoon. It was a very interesting experience finding the stones and reading about their origin in the brochure.

We ended our walk by having tea and coffee in the Northern Hotel.

Jenny McGarrol


Pancakes Session End

Pancake Coffee and Chat Mornings are over until September. The numbers have continued to increase each month until 2 April when there were around 25. The Fairtrade stall was set up at the March ‘get together'. Business was brisk and support for a “Gift for Life” project care of Traidcraft was also well supported.

Along with donations collected previously, £338 will be sent to the “Opportunity Knocks” project in Bangladesh. This project will help over 1,000 small businesses to grow providing vital employment and income opportunities to around 6,000 producers. The project will run for five years and will be life changing for many Bangladesh producers and their families.

Isobel Young and I would like to thank all those who have attended monthly the Coffee and Chat Mornings and enabled the donation to be sent. Have a happy summer!

Beatrice Fawkes



Mrs Muriel Cantlay welcomed members and friends to the March meeting. After the opening hymn Mrs Anne McNaughton read from Ephesians and Mrs Beatrice Fawkes led us in prayer. Mrs Cantlay then introduced our speaker the Rev Gerald Stranraer-Mull, rector of St James'.

We enjoyed a very interesting, informative and amusing talk firstly on the life and works of Dr Pratt, former rector of St James' and noted author. His most famous book in the North East being Pratt's Buchan. The Rev Stranraer-Mull then went on to tell us a little of his life story and how his love of history had given him a strong connection with Dr Pratt.

Mrs Alison Neilson proposed the vote of thanks. After a cup of tea and chat the meeting was closed with prayer.

This year the Senior Citizens Outing is going to Brechin Castle Centre followed by high tea at the Burnett Arms, Banchory on Thursday 5 June. An invitation is extended to all senior citizens who are church members. Please see the enclosed notice.

Shonah Taylor


Rev Rodger Neilson
Telephone 01779 841229

Session Clerk
Sandy Beedie

Rosemary Pittendrigh

District Elders
Betty Forrester, Margaret Jamieson
Rural Robert Esson, Robert Petticrew
Peterhead Sandy Smith
Cruden Bay Jack Young, Kate Clark Betty May

Church Officer
David Singleton

Bond Treasurer
Muriel Cantlay

WFO Treasurer
Annette Garden

Roll Keeper
Mary McNaughtan

Presbytery Elder
Sandy Beedie

Child Protection Co-ordinator
Kathleen Craig

Life & Work
Isobel Young

Christian Aid
Mary Esson

Junior Church
Katherine Hyman

Adrian Smith

Muriel Cantlay

Betty Forrester

Cleaning Co-ordinator
Beatrice Fawkes

Old Church Teas
Mary Esson

Church Walks
Robert Petticrew

Transport Co-ordinators
(Hatton) Sandy Beedie
(Cruden Bay) Rosemary Pittendrigh

Press Officer
Beatrice Fawkes

Missionary Partner Correspondent
Betty May

Committee Conveners
Finance Rosemary Pittendrigh
Property Robert Esson
Social Beatrice Fawkes
Education & Worship John Lamb
Membership Kathleen Craig
Outreach Kate Clark
District Elders Jack Young