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The Bulletin

June 2008

Cruden Church at the National Gathering

More Photographs

Extracts from a letter sent from our Missionary Partners to our Missionary Correspondent, Betty May


PO. Box 718 Mzuzu Malawi Tel +265 (0) 310014


5th May 2008

Dear Betty,

I have suddenly realised that this might be the last letter I write to you from Mzuzu. Although there is still eight weeks to go there feels like so much to do and so little time, and unfortunately letter writing is likely to be one of the jobs that gets put to the bottom of the list!

Four weeks ago after a very pleasant barbecue with friends during my sister's visit, we received the news that Andy's Mum had died quite suddenly. Being a Sunday and late in the day it was very difficult to get any information and arrange a flight back to the UK, especially when we also had no phone line. Fortunately by leaving Mzuzu at the crack of dawn the next day, Andy reached Lilongwe in time to secure a seat on a Kenya Airways flight and made it back to Belfast in time for the funeral on the Wednesday. After a brief time with his Father and the rest of the family, he flew back into Lilongwe on the Friday of the same week - exhausted.

We had a lovely time with my sister Ros and niece Naomi, spending a few days in Mzuzu to show them life here, where we used to live at Ekwendeni on the Mission Station and then trips out to see some of the work that LISAP is involved in. Although the time was tinged with sadness we all felt it was important to continue with arrangements we had made for Ros and Naomi's visit and Andy managed to return for a days or two's rest and relaxation with all of us before Ros and Naomi flew back home.

The rain has been good this year and we hear through friends working in the agricultural field that the government's subsidised fertiliser scheme plus good rain should mean another bumper harvest within the next month or so. We really hope that this will be the case.

Since February, Andy has been busy with the recruitment process for a new director of LISAP. It has taken time to get the position advertised, candidates short listed and the interviews completed, but we are delighted to say that Lilian Chirwa has accepted the offer and will take over the position in the middle of May. It is good that there will be at least a month when Andy and Lilian can work together before we leave Malawi on the 29 June.

Our plans for returning to the UK are still a little vague at present. We do not know where we will be based over the summer months, but hopefully things will begin to fall into place over the next couple of months. Andy will be on deputation around Scotland in September and so hopefully will have an opportunity to catch up with many folks then.

We trust all is well with you. With love and best wishes,

Andy Fliss Katy & Daniel Gaston




Mr Andrew Paterson, 8 Bridgend Crescent, Hatton.

*Mrs June Deacon, 24 Hatton Farm Gardens, Hatton

*denotes member


Each one of us has received a special gift.

How are you called to use yours?

If you are not sure where to begin on this journey of discernment, perhaps we can help you start! The ENQUIRERS' CONFERENCE is the place to be if you want to explore some of the ways in which you might offer service to God today through the Kirk. It may be that you are sensing God's call on your life in a new way, but are not yet sure what that might mean - if so, this is one way in which you can test it out a bit further.

Some people come to the Enquirers' Conference already thinking about, for example, training as a Reader, or as an ordained Minister. Others want to find out more about serving the Church overseas, or working in social care through Crossreach. It may be that you are looking for ways in which you might be better equipped for what you do in your local church - all of these and many more issues are covered in this 24- hour event.

It is, important to emphasise in relation to this event, that attendance at the Enquirers' Conference is now the first step which any applicant must take in respect of assessment as potential candidates for Ministry of Word and Sacrament, Diaconal Ministry or the Readership.

Overnight accommodation and meals are provided on campus for the minimal cost of a £20.00 booking fee.

Friday 20 - Saturday 21 June 2008.

West Park Conference Centre, Dundee

For further information or to register your interest please contact Margaret Johnston at the Church of Scotland offices,

tel: 0131 - 225 5722, or e-mail:



21 MAY 2008

Dear Friends

National Gathering

The National Gathering on the first weekend in May will be long remembered by those from Cruden Church who were there. The weather remained kind – dry if windy – and more than twenty members from the congregation visited on the Saturday. Opportunity was taken to visit many tents to find out about the stories other congregations were wanting to tell about their life and witness. The displays we used to tell our story will be available over the summer in the Old Church to look at.

It was good to see Cruden Church involved for once in a national event organised by the Church of Scotland enabling us to come into contact with fellow Christians from all over the country. A number of the people visiting our tent spoke of their connection with the parish and we were also visited by two Malawians.

I cannot express enough my appreciation of the hard work put in by our steering committee, Karla Buswell, Beatrice Fawkes, Katharine Hyman, John Lamb and Wilma Moir and the help given them by Jim MacDonald, Alison Warrander and also Mary Coutts and her card making group. In particular we were indebted to Beatrice, Wilma and John for staffing the tent and to Katherine for organising the bus.

Session Clerk

More will be said in our next Bulletin about our retiring Session Clerk, Sandy Beedie, but for now let me say that it will be a daunting task to follow in the footsteps of somehow who has given such wonderful service to the church. The Session are fortunate that they have someone suitable in the person of Robert Esson and I am delighted to welcome him to his new responsibility

Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson




Interview with the First Minister

Alex Salmond MSP speaks of the Kirk's influence on his upbringing, and his support for faith communities in modern Scotland.

Forces For Good

The work of the Kirk's chaplains to the Armed Forces.

General Assembly 2008

Four pages of reports to the General Assembly.

Pauline Pilgrimage

Ian Bradley visits Damascus.

West Bank Witness

Jackie Macadam meets a retired minister who is off to the Middle East with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

From Glasgow to South India

The work of PICT, a charity founded by members of a Glasgow congregatios, which provides health and education services to low-income families in India.

Natural Justice?

Jock Stein highlights the erosion of moral law in favour of ‘rights'.

Music Across Frontiers

Douglas Galbraith reflects on the ecumenical nature of church music.

Brain Teaser

Alan Taylor meets neuro-scientist Susan Greenfield.

Plus – our presbyteries focuses on Perth, the series on Scottish cathedrals visits Dunkeld, all the regular columnists, letters, book reviews, news and crosswords


The hymns sung during the summer will be from
Combined Mission Praise.

Tea and Coffee served after all summer services.

MAY CHURCH WALK - Forvie Sands

Seven of us started the walk from the car park at Newburgh to the Forvie Centre at Collieston. Though there was a slight chill in the wind, it was a very refreshing, sunny afternoon.

We had a stop for lunch at the Forvie Kirk where Bessie Sandison caught up with us, she had decided to walk at her own pace and after lunch opted to return to the car park rather than continue the walk to the Centre.

We continued our walk along the coastline and when we reached Hackley Bay, nearly all of us went down to walk along the beach. I own up to being the only one to walk along the top rather than face the climb back up from the beach!! From the Bay we walked back to the Centre.

All in all. it was a very bracing walk and as usual nature provided us with a show of some wild plants and a variety of interesting birds to watch.

More photos of the walk can be found on our church website

The next walk is on Saturday 14th June when we will be going up Deeside to Loch Muick where there are a choice of walks. We shall leave Hatton Hall Car Park at 8 am for an early start as we have some distance to go.

Jenny McGarrol


Saturday 12 July Fochabers to Spey Bay 8 am, Hatton Hall

Fri-Sun 15-17 August Badaguish Outdoor Centre

Those wanting to go should give their names to Alison Neilson 841229





to Mr Robert Knox, 32 Quarry Road, Hatton who will be celebrating his 80th Birthday.

to Mr & Mrs W Garden, Westover, West Gask, Cruden Bay and Mr & Mrs B Dunnett, 1 Park View, Hatton who will be celebrating their Golden Weddings.

to Mr & Mrs J Bratton, 169 Braehead Drive,Cruden Bay who will be celebrating their Ruby Wedding.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, any news for this feature in the Bulletin




The Guild would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part in the Sponsored Walk on 27 April in aid of the Senior Citizens' Outing and Guild Funds and also those who sponsored them. £1,005 has been raised so far.

This year the Outing is going to Brechin Castle Centre followed by high tea at the Burnett Arms, Banchory on Thursday 5 June . A bus will pick up in Cruden Bay at 12.30 pm and Hatton at 1 pm. If you would like to come and have not already done so please can you notify any Guild Committee Member –

Muriel Cantlay (841219) Shonah Taylor (841519)

Irene Will (841532) Kathleen Craig (841221)

Wilma Moir (841516) Vena Hockell (813219)

Rosemary Pittendrigh (work - 812285 home - 812220 )




The Social Committee is looking into the possibility of publishing a Cruden Church Christmas Card (or even Calendar) later this year. They need help to determine what should be the chosen design. So the Committee has decided to throw it open to competition. We would like people to submit photos, drawings or painting – anything which would do for the purpose of Cruden folks sending their Christmas greetings.

Please submit your entries before 31 July to the Social Committee Convener, Beatrice Fawkes. We would welcome entries from all age groups and any chosen design will take on board the age and ability of the person submitting it.




The Social Committee are intending to provide an exciting day on 27 July.

On that Sunday afternoon we are hoping to organize a car Treasure Hunt which would finish at the Old Church where there would be a barbecue. It is hoped that people not on the Treasure Hunt will still come along for the barbecue which will then be followed by an open air service in the car park

Please look out for further details including timings. If you are interested in the Treasure Hunt, contact Beatrice Fawkes (841814Please look out for further details including timings. If you are interested in the Treasure Hunt, contact Beatrice Fawkes (841814).


The Social Committee intend to resume the monthly Coffee and Chat mornings on Wednesday 3 September. Remember to keep the first Wednesday mornings of the winter months free.



When we empty ourselves by reaching out to others, there is a place for God in the vacuum that results..

Forgetting self establishes the condition for moving further in our search for perfect happiness but the force that will actually move us is our love for those beyond ourselves

The principle place of God in creation is deep within each one of us so in order to find God we need to go inside the depths of our souls.

Love is exercised not by words but by deeds and true love for the God we do not see must begin through love of those we do see.

It is easy to judge people when we know little of them, where they are at and where they have come from.


Our Sunday Morning Worship

This summer at our morning services we will read through Paul's letter to the Ephesians and we shall discover what the bible has to teach us about our faith and how to live it in today's world.

June 1 Ephesians 1 : 1 - 8
June 8 Ephesians 1 : 8 - 14
June 15 Ephesians 1 : 15 - 23
June 22 Ephesians 2 : 1 – 10
June 29 Ephesians 2 : 11 – 22

July 6 Ephesians 3 : 1 - 6
July 13 Ephesians 3 : 7 - 13
July 20 Ephesians 3 : 14 - 21
July 27 Ephesians 4 : 1 - 16

August 3 Ephesians 3 : 12 - 21
August 10 Ephesians 4 : 1 - 7
August 17 Ephesians 4 : 8 - 13
August 24 Ephesians 4 : 14 – 23
August 31 Ephesians 6 : 1 - 9

September 7 Ephesians 6 : 10 – 20
September 14 Ephesians 6 : 21 - 24



This year the support given to Christian Aid has been outstanding. On Friday evening when we counted the money collected from the ‘House to House' during the week our total was £1,000.00 more than the same time last year. Your support and efforts have been exceptional this year, thank you all very much.

At the time of preparing this for the Bulletin, we have been able to bank £3,052.75 which is tremendous. Thank you all who have supported,

•  by way of giving of their time to help with the ‘House to House' collection;

•  those who supported the buttery morning which raised £258.05; being there, helping with the serving, giving and buying raffle prizes;

•  collecting coins for jars/boxes/bags etc, etc

It all mounts up and is really appreciated.

Thanks are also due to the people who came along on Friday evening to help with the count. It may be that we might be able to recruit a new member to the ‘tea rota'. Rodger ably assisted by Bessie prepared our welcome cup at the end of the evening, thank you both for that.

By the end of June, I will be able to give you a better idea of the final total raised in Cruden Parish, meantime, again I thank you for your support and generosity.

Mary Esson


Those placing flowers in the church on a Sunday, should contact the Manse (841229) failing which Betty Forrester (841205) to arrange access if they wish to place their flowers prior to the Sunday morning.



Rev Rodger Neilson
Telephone 01779 841229

Session Clerk
Robert Esson

Rosemary Pittendrigh

District Elders
Betty Forrester, Margaret Jamieson
Rural Robert Esson, Robert Petticrew
Peterhead Sandy Smith
Cruden Bay Jack Young, Kate Clark Betty May

Church Officer
David Singleton

Bond Treasurer
Muriel Cantlay

WFO Treasurer
Annette Garden

Roll Keeper
Mary McNaughtan

Presbytery Elder
Robert Esson

Child Protection Co-ordinator
Kathleen Craig

Life & Work
Isobel Young

Christian Aid
Mary Esson

Junior Church
Katherine Hyman

Adrian Smith

Muriel Cantlay

Betty Forrester

Cleaning Co-ordinator
Beatrice Fawkes

Old Church Teas
Mary Esson

Church Walks
Robert Petticrew

Transport Co-ordinators
(Hatton) Sandy Beedie
(Cruden Bay) Rosemary Pittendrigh

Press Officer
Beatrice Fawkes

Missionary Partner Correspondent
Betty May

Committee Conveners
Finance Rosemary Pittendrigh
Property Robert Esson
Social Beatrice Fawkes
Education & Worship John Lamb
Membership Kathleen Craig
Outreach Kate Clark
District Elders Jack Young