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The Bulletin

November 2008



Diary Dates - November 2008

Wednesdays 7.30 pm Choir Practice in the Old Church Hall
Sundays 10.00 am Children's Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Sunday 2nd :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Moses Bible Study 7.00 pm Old Hall
preceded by an act of worship starting at 6.30 pm

Wednesday 5th :
Time for Chat and Coffee 10:30 am Old Hall

Sunday 9th :
10.00 am Old Church
Moses Bible Study 7.00 pm Old Hall
preceded by an act of worship starting at 6.30 pm

Monday 10th :
Watch and Talk Group 7.30 pm Main Street, Cruden Bay

Sunday 16th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Cruden Churches Walk 11.30 New Pitsligo
Moses Bible Study 7.00 pm Old Hall
preceded by an act of worship starting at 6.30 pm

Monday 17th :
Kirk Session 7.30 pm Old Hall

Sunday 23rd :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Guild Annual Dedication
Moses Bible Study 7.00 pm Old Hall
preceded by an act of worship starting at 6.30 pm

Monday 24th :
Cruden Guild 7.30 pm Old Hall
Mrs Vena Hockell – Mountains, Monks and Monasteries

Sunday 30th :
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am Old Church
Sacrament of Holy Communion


Wednesday 3rd: Time for Chat and Coffee 10:30 am Old Hall





*denotes Cruden Parish Church member


Mrs Katy McKen, Rowan Terrace, Hatton.

Mr Ross Middleton, Castle Woods, Cruden Bay.

Mr Norman Ross, Castle Road, Cruden Bay.

*Mr Sandy Murray, Manse Terrace, Hatton.




30th November Old Church 10.00 am

Duty Elders Judith Taylor, Annette Garden, Mary Bratton, Betty May, John Lamb, Jim MacDonald, Peter Slamaker, Sandy Smith, Muriel Cantlay, Robert Esson


The minister would be pleased to offer the opportunity to anyone unable to attend church to receive home Communion at the end of November. Please let your District Elder (failing which the Minister) know if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity.





Calendar for the Old Church will now be found on the notice board at the Church and members are invited to add their name beside any date on which they would wish to place flowers on the communion table. The gift of such flowers is always greatly appreciated. In particular, it is hoped that the early months of next year will soon be filled up.



We have to prove that Christianity can be lived simply by living it.

We no longer frighten people into the Kingdom of God. It is a far finer thing to win a man by the vision of the King in his beauty, by the love of God

The fault of our early creeds was that their framers attempted to define the indefinable and crush Jesus and God into a phrase. It is incumbent on us to express our faith in more modern language.

The Christian life is the life that is lived in sunshine, the sunshine of the smile of God. However the church has learned that it must concern itself not only with the dreamy glories of heaven but also with the real miseries of earth.

The failure of many sermons, as preached, is that they have little or no relation to the audience. It is the ideal of a message spoken from one heart to another that gives the sermon its distinctive form.




In November, we shall consider what we might learn from the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah

November 2 Jeremiah 7 : 1 - 15
November 9 Remembrance
November 16 Jeremiah 18 : 1 - 12
November 23 Jeremiah 28
November 30 Lamentations 3 : 22 - 40



This Fund was founded by Field Marshal Earl Haig, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, with the aim of giving practical help in time of need to all who served in the Armed Forces and their dependants. The first Poppy Appeal took place in 1921 and, shortly afterwards, the Earl Haig Fund Scotland adopted the poppy emblem and Lady Haig established the Poppy Factory in Edinburgh. The Fund is a registered charity and the principal means of raising money is through the Scottish Poppy Appeal which takes place every November in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday.

On Remembrance Sunday, opportunity will be given to the congregation to donate to the Earl Haig Fund.




The £380 raised at the Cheese and Wine will be added to the Ekwendeni account to ensure that we are able to continue to contribute to the cost of transporting boxes to Malawi. Thanks are due to all those who supported this event and also to all the people who have donated, knitted goods, wool and stationery to fill the boxes we have sent to Ekwendeni during the past year.

At our meeting with Dr Gaston, Zebedee and Charity, we were encouraged to learn of the progress being made with the Aids Programme and that our contributions to the hospital are greatly appreciated. Pencils notebooks and toiletries are always needed and Charity told us that dress materials, sewing silks, knitting wool and needles will enable the mothers she works with to make clothes themselves for their families.

We trust that the congregation will continue to give generous support to our friends in Ekwendeni throughout the coming year.

Annette Garden






to Mr Helen Paul, 120 Main Street, Newburgh who will be celebrating her 80th Burthday and

to Mr & Mrs Goldie, 5 Garden Place, Cruden Bay who celebrate

their Silver Wedding this month.

The minister would welcome, in writing please,
any news for this feature in the Bulletin.



7 pm – 8.30 pm


November 2nd For those tempted to complain

Exodus 15 - 17 MOSES - Leadership frustrations

November 9th When living with difficult people

Exodus 32 - 34 MOSES - The cost of Leadership

November 16th For those making crucial decisions

Numbers 11 - 14 MOSES - Leadership tested

November 23rd For those facing retirement

Deuteronomy 31, 32, 34 MOSES - Leadership handed on

All are welcome to come along to all or any of these evenings. If you wish, why not come along earlier for an Act of Worship focussing on Moses and which starts at 6.30 pm .



On a beautiful sunny afternoon in September all those interested in meeting our Missionary Partner, Dr Andy Gaston, and two of his colleagues headed to Aldie Farm for afternoon tea and a "Meet our Guests" hosted by Mrs Betty Forrester.

When Andy, Zebedee and Charity arrived, they were welcomed to Aldie by Mrs Forrester. After the initial greetings it was time for all present to meet with our guests and talk with them informally about their work in Malawi and their Presbytery visit. At this point I told Andy that the minister and his wife asked me to give an apology for their absence on holiday and Andy understood that distant holidays had to be booked well in advance.

After a while it was time for everyone to partake of the gorgeous afternoon tea. There were numerous delicious home bakes, cakes and savouries to sample. Mrs Forrester had her team of willing helpers providing tea and coffee. They were her sister, Janet, on holiday from Kirkcaldy, Beatrice Fawkes and Margaret Adams. After everyone had sampled all the cakes and savouries it was time to once again mingle and chat with our guests.

Andy briefly spoke about their visit and said he would round off this part of the afternoon after Zebedee and Charity had spoken. Andy expressed thanks to Cruden Parish Church for being the first to reply to the appeal for a donation towards Zebedee and Charity's travelling expenses. Charity was the first to speak on her work and it was very interesting. This was followed by an account of Zebedee's work and he spoke well too.

It was over to Andy once again who told us about his work in Malawi over the years. This is Andy's final visit to the Buchan Presbytery as he and his family have decided to leave Malawi. Andy has been replaced by a young lady called Patso who is Malawian. This means that we no longer have a Missionary Partner. Andy gave Session Clerk, Robert Esson, some leaflets and made some suggestions as to how we could proceed if we wanted to keep in touch with Malawi. He also spoke about the letters received over the years from myself. Andy then told us how he and Felicity along with daughter, Katy, age 8, and son Daniel, age 6 are now in the process of settling down in Plymouth. Plymouth was chosen as Andy studied there, met Felicity (Fliss) and married there and have numerous friends and some family in that area. Question time brought a couple of questions, one on how money can be sure to reach Patso for her work. I told all that it had been a pleasure to correspond with Andy and Felicity over the years. Robert Esson expressed thanks to our three guests and also thanked Betty Forrester for hosting a wonderful afternoon.

In conclusion I would like to say that from October 1998 to September 2008 I have enjoyed corresponding with Andy and Felicity as Cruden Parish Church's Missionary Partner Correspondent. In October 1998 I volunteered to become the correspondent and the replies I have received over the years have appeared regularly in the Bulletin. During that time Dr Gaston has visited the Presbytery on four occasions.

Betty May




FROM THE MINISTER 21 October 2008

Dear Friends

There are a good number of our church members who come every week – they are the ones who keep the church alive. There are a good number of our members who, while not coming every week, come with reasonable regularity. It is always a delight to see them. I have often wondered what it would be like if all the regulars – say those who would come at least every month – all turned up on the one Sunday.

Well, I suppose I have at last found out and how great it would be. On our Back to Church Sunday, we had twice our average attendance all together on the one morning. What a difference it made – there was a buzz about the atmosphere and the singing lifted up the whole service. A Sunday morning memory to cherish!

Of course Back to Church was not about making one big splash on one day and then returning to the status quo. So it remains my hope that a number of people who responded that morning will want to restore a lost or irregular relationship with God through sharing in the church. They/You will always be welcome.

It remains for me to say a word of thanks. I am very grateful to Ann Findlay and her friend s in the Congregational Church for joining us in this venture. I sincerely believe we were the better for being able to show that it was a project shared in by two churches. I am delighted their Back to Church Sunday service was also very well attended.

I would thank all those on the Steering Committee for being willing to come to meetings over the summer, Kathleen Craig for accepting liaison responsibility after I went off on holiday in September and Mary McNaughtan for help with the considerable amount of paperwork that was required. Above all I am grateful that we had enough willing volunteers to cover the whole parish with our Back to Church invites. To all of you – well done, your efforts were truly rewarded. Praise the Lord!

Your friend and minister




The first part of this meeting was the last 10 minutes or so of the Dead Sea Scrolls Video where more information concerning the Scrolls was revealed by the use of infra red techniques, there is also an electronic machine, known as Bessie (or maybe Bessy), which can pin point exactly where the Scrolls were written. There is not doubt that future technology will throw more light on these fascinating treasures of history.

The second part of the meeting was on a DVD entitled 'Who Killed Jesus?'. According to the Gospels Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the decision to execute Jesus - in fact he thought Jesus an innocent man - and surrendered the responsibility of his fate to the Jews.

The Jews decided Barabbas should be freed and Jesus condemned to death. It would seem what the story is saying from the DVD is that Jesus was in fact a pawn in Pilate's hands, by handing him over to the Jews he succeeded in appeasing the angry crowd and prevented an uprising which would not have done his reputation in eyes of the Roman Emperor any good and probably bring in his ability to govern the province of Judea into serious question. So, Who Killed Jesus? Pilate, who washed his hands of the situation, or the Jews, who are claimed to have said "His Blood be on us and on our children".

The next Meeting will be on 10th November in the home of Mrs Marilyn Samways at 7.30 pm. All welcome.

Jenny McGarrol





Our scheduled walk was in danger of being abandoned for lack of numbers till Shonah used her powers of persuasion on Wilma, Irene and Muriel to swell our numbers to six and make the trip worthwhile.

We reversed the recommended direction of the route choosing to start with the coastal secions and leave the more straightforward inland section till later when energy levels were lower. The beauty of Sandend beach with kayakers, surfers and golden sands more than compensated for the natural obstacles of steep steps and burn crossing at either end of the bay.

The track above Sandend was rough and slippery but from our elevated position there we were able to look down on the tiny harbour – one of smallest in the Northeast – and the intriguing clutter of houses, some with abutting smokehouses, which form the old part of the village. At the top of the brae we took a short cut through a stubble field enabling us to take our eyes off our feet and enjoy the splendid views of Troup Head behind us, Knock Hill and the Binn of Cullen to the South and West and the hills of Cromarty in the far distance.

Findlater Castle is built into the rock and though it is possible to scramble down the rocky promontory to look at it at close quarters we preferred the safety of the viewpoint and information board which gave a brief synopsis of its construction, its trouble history and abandonment in the 1600s.

The hedgerows by the track on the way back yielded an abundant supply of ripe brambles and back in Portsoy the local ice cream shop had such a selection of flavours we were spoiled for choice.

Margaret Wisely




The Blindness Will Pass in Time Broadcaster and author Trevor Royle reflects on the 90th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War.

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Cruden Parish Church Christmas Cards

2 designs taken from Nativity Posters used many years ago

by our Sunday School. £3 for a pack of 10.

Available in the Old Church Hall or by phoning the Manse.