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30 August

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The Bulletin

June 2009





This year we entered into May uncertain as to what we might achieve after the very recent, sudden and sad death of our Christian Aid Organiser, Mary Esson. But we were determined to honour her memory by making 2009 as successful as 2008 if not better.


The support given to Christian Aid has exceeded what we might have expected in a period of recession. On the Friday evening when we counted the money collected from the ‘House to House' during the Week the total counted was £2,848.36 .

To this we can add Buttery Morning £330.00

Sunday Brunch £121.00

Sale of cards £100.00

Other donations £207.64

making a total of £3,607.00

Thank you all who have supported,

•  those who helped with the ‘House to House' collection;

•  those who came along on Friday evening to help with the count;

•  those who supported the buttery morning, being there, helping with the serving, giving and buying of raffle prizes;

•  those who stopped off after the service to enjoy the Christian Aid brunch in the Hall and those who made it possible

•  those who over the year collect coins in jars/boxes/bags etc.

The figure raised so far is about £500 up on last year and this means that the parish of Cruden continues to support and help the poor and needy of today's world.



Dear Friends

Important People

Above you will find the details of yet another successful Christian Aid Week in the parish. Without an appointed Organiser, we would not have done so well if a number of people had not shared out some of the various responsibilities previously undertaken by one person.

Let me express warm appreciation therefore to the following people who willingly agreed to help out.

Wilma Moir who organised the Buttery Morning.

Marilyn Samways who organised the Brunch.

Rosemary Reid who organised the house-to-house collection in Hatton.

Mary Bratton who organised the house-to-house collection in Cruden Bay.

Rosemary Pittendrigh who organised the count.

These individuals would be quick to point out all the help they were given by others but there is no point in having helpers if there is no one to take responsibility.


You can say I was born a Presbyterian and will no doubt happily die one. Like many I am quite comfortable with our traditions and practices but I am not so blinkered as to think that all Christians must be like us. Ideally we should all be united for that is what Jesus wants so the least we can do is recognise and accept Christians who do things differently.

We have a wonderful opportunity to show that we are part of a wider Christian family when at the end of May each year we share in worship with our friends in St James. I was disappointed therefore at how few Parish Church members attended the St James' service on 24 May.

Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson


Aberdeen's March Stone Trail

We set off southwards along Howes Drive, our first objective to find stone 44 on the east side of the Bucksburn near the site of the Old Ford across the burn. From there we followed the road round past the new Heathryburn Primary School and through the Auchmill Golf Glub car park to stone 45 set against a dry stone dyke on a narrow stretch of a cobbled road skirting the nearby Newton of Auchmill. The next four were located in the built up areas of Heathryfold and Marchburn, Beatrice and Alan Fawkes' prior reconnoitring ensuring we found them without too much difficulty. Our trail took us past the Stewart Park to the junction of Hilton Road and Hilton Drive. There Chris Garrigan with his keen eyes and orientating skills spotted stone 53 flush in the pavement while the rest of us stood around studying our maps and being beset by passers by enquiring if we were lost!!

The last two were found easily behind and opposite Woodside School and within a 100 yards of each other. We stopped briefly to admire the Sir John Anderson Library, bequeathed to the Burgh in the late 1880's, before heading off to the Northern Hotel for a splendid afternoon tea.

Margaret Wisely


Saturday 13 June Mount Battock or Fasque

Sunday 19 July Rattray - Peterhead

Saturday 15 August Speyside Way : Craigellachie

Without GOD our week would be:
Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday,
Thirstday, Fightday & Shatterday.  
If you are not ashamed of GOD pass this on




to Mr & Mrs J Brown, Manse Road, Hatton and who will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding.

to Mr & Mrs M Willox, Northfield Gardens Hatton who will be celebrating their Ruby Wedding.


to Mr Johnathan Burnett, Castle Road, Cruden Bay who will be celebrating his 80th Birthday.

to Mr & Mrs A Smith, East Sandend, Cruden Bay who will be celebrating their Ruby Wedding.

to Mr & Mrs Beagrie, Red House Hotel, Cruden Bay who will be celebrating their Silver Wedding.

We are delighted to congratulate, albeit belatedly, two of our members, William Morgan and Mary Bratton, for achieving holes in one on Cruden Bay Golf Course over the last six months. Talent to the fore in Cruden Church.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, e-mail preferred, any news for this feature in the Bulletin. He feels that it should not simply be a list of anniversaries and birthdays.



The Social Committee intend to resume the monthly Coffee and Chat mornings on Wednesday 2 September. Remember to keep the first Wednesday mornings of the winter months free.





The Guild would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part in the Sponsored Walk on 26 April in aid of the Senior Citizens' Outing and Guild Funds and also those who sponsored them. £1,000 has been raised so far.

This year the Outing is going to Deans of Huntly followed by high tea at the Commercial Hotel, Cuminestown on Thursday 4 June . A bus will pick up in Cruden Bay at 12.30 pm and Hatton at 1 pm. If you would like to come and have not already done so please can you notify any Guild Committee Member –

Rosemary Pittendrigh, Shonah Taylor, Irene Will, Kathleen Craig,
Vena Hockell.



The Bookstall has again been of considerable interest and a good number of books have been sold. £313 was raised and consequently a discount of £31 has been passed on to the Church Treasurer. Our thanks to all who gave it their support.

We would like to have a meeting of anyone who bought books and would like to talk about them, possibly also to lend them to others who are interested. Anyone who would like to see and discuss the books would be very welcome so please contact Beatrice Fawkes (841814) or myself (812998) and make this a valuable way of extending the book stall.

Date:- Monday 15 June 2009 Time:- 7.30 pm

Venue:- Westover, West Gask.

Annette Garden



The Group ended the 2008/9 Session by having a meal out at the Buchan Braes Hotel, Boddam, where the food and service proved to be of a very high standard. Those of us who were able to attend the meal had a very happy and enjoyable evening. The first Meeting of the 2009/10 Session will be notified in the 2009 September Bulletin.

Jenny McGarrol



Gleanings from a Study Leave Notebook

If God is the object of all worship, Jesus is the channel.

The first and greatest note in any service of worship is the expression of gratitude. To take God's providence and Christ's cross for granted empties worship of any saving grace.

The key to the service is not in the prayer of the preacher but in the opening silent prayer of the worshipper, which gives the worshipper the spirit of expectancy.

We come to church to meet Christ himself and to express our great common need and to receive God's promised grace.

The foremost note of Christian worship is joy – which is above laughter and even happiness and which means we should speak more of grace than sin.




At its meeting in May, the Session was informed that Aberdeenshire Council have set aside money to resurface the roadway in Cruden Kirk Cemetery.


Beatrice Fawkes has taken over from Sandy Beedie as Transport Coordinator for Hatton. Adrian Smith is standing down as organiser of our Communion arrangements. Sandy and Adrian are warmly thanked for the important contributions they have given the church in exercising these responsibilities.


The Session concurred with a recommendation from its Outreach Committee that the Congregational Church and St James be invited to join in organising a Bring A Friend Sunday for later in the year.



When man fell and chose to make himself, rather than God, the centre of his life, the effect was not only to put man out of fellowship with God, but also out of fellowship with his fellow man. The story of man's first quarrel with God in the third chapter of Genesis is closely followed in the fourth chapter by the story of man's first quarrel with his fellow, Cain's murder of Abel. The Fall is simply, `we have turned every one to his own way' (Isaiah 53:6).' If I want my own way rather than God's, it is quite obvious that I shall want my own way rather than the other man's. A man does not assert his independence of God to surrender it to a fellow man, if he can help it. But a world in which each man wants his own way cannot but be a world full of tensions, barriers, suspicions, misunderstandings, clashes, and conflicts.

Now the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross was not only to bring men back into fellowship with God, but also into fellowship with their fellow men. Indeed, it cannot do one without the other. As the spokes get nearer the centre of the wheel, they get nearer to one another. If, however, we have not been brought into vital fellowship with our brother, it is a proof that, to that extent, we have not been brought into vital fellowship with God. The first epistle of John insists on testing the depth and reality of a man's Fellowship with God by the depth and reality of his fellowship with his brethren. Some of us have come to see how utterly connected a man's relationship to his fellows is with his relationship to God. Everything that comes as a barrier between us and another, be it never so small, comes as a barrier between us and God. We have found that where these barriers are not put right immedi ately they get thicker and: thicker until we find ourselves shut off from God and our brother by what seem to be veritable brick walls. Quite obviously, if we allow new life to come to us, it will have to manifest itself by a walk of oneness with God and our brother, with nothing between. From The Calvary Road by Roy Hession




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The hymns sung during the summer will be from
Combined Mission Praise.

Tea and Coffee served after all summer services.


*denotes member


Mrs Isobel Gourlay, Hatton Farm Gardens, Hatton.

*Mrs Merrie Rennie, Sunnybank Care Home, Cruden Bay.

*Mrs Alice Duncan, Sunnybank Care Home, Cruden Bay.

Mrs Irene Towers, Fernlea, Serald Street, Cruden Bay.



18 April

David Strachan and Jill Buchan, Aulton Road, Cruden Bay.

23 May

Alan McKay and Lynne Stirling, Aspen Grove, Westhill


Those placing flowers in the church on a Sunday, should contact the Manse (841229) failing which Betty Forrester (841205) to arrange access if they wish to place their flowers prior to the Sunday morning. Top

Minister's Holiday

Our family have invited us to join them for a holiday which means we shall be away from 20 June to 4 July. Once again I am grateful to the Rev Allan Fawkes for agreeing to take on any pastoral responsibility while I am away and to the Rev Fred Coutts who will conduct worship on the two Sundays. This means that I shall not be able to attend the Fund Day at Aden Park . I look forward to hearing that it was a happy and well-attended day!