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25 October

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See Previous Issues


The Bulletin

October 2009



Diary Dates

October 2009

Sundays   10.00 am  Children’s Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Sunday 4th
MORNING SERVICE  10.00 am            

Wednesday 7th
Time for Chat and Coffee 10.30 am,  Hall
Choir Practice  7.30 pm, Hall

Cruden Churches Walk 11.30 am Logie Durno

Monday 12th
Watch & Talk Group  7.30 pm  at the home of
Marilyn Samways, Burnview, Main Street, Cruden Bay

Sunday 18th
 MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am            

Monday 19th  
Kirk Session  7.30pm, Hall

Wednesday 21st
Choir Practice 7.30 pm  Hall

Sunday 25th MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am            

Monday 26th 
The Guild  7.30 pm  Hall
Frank Armstrong – Frasers of Kinmundy



Volunteer's Corner

Christian Aid

Someone who cares about poverty enough, to want to help!
We need to appoint a
for the Parish of Cruden in good time before next year’s Christian Aid Week.
information  contact  the  Minister.





23 September 2009

Dear Friends

Society’s greatest assets
When we had the 1950’s Tea Party at the end of May, I enjoyed talking to Jean Cantlay on one of her regular visits back to her home area and to Cruden Church.   She told me about all that the Guides had given her and her friends when they were in their early teens.   As I listened to Jean, it evoked many memories of what the Boys’ Brigade gave to me about the same time.   I could not but help feel how privileged we were in the Guides in Hatton, the BB in Leven and in many other places that there were dedicated leaders willing to gave up so much of their time, including their holidays, for the sake of us young people. 
As a youngster, I benefited greatly from the Boys’ Brigade and that is why, ever since, I have always been keen to support the work of youth organisations in any way I can.   The work they do for young people is immense.   Dedicated youth leaders are one of society’s greatest assets and that is why I am pleased to include in this month’s Bulletin a tribute to the late Jess Anderson.   Jean successfully delegated the writing to two of her friends and I would thank them and Jean for their tribute.
Using the other door
The Kirk Session recently discussed the difficulty some people have in negotiating the high step at the church door.   When the church was renovated a few years ago, we were so focussed on providing a ramped entrance to the vestry door that we did not pay enough attention to the main door.
Anyone who experiences regular or temporary difficulty with the step is invited to make use of the vestry door.   You will be welcomed there (perhaps even by myself), handed a hymnbook and service order and there is a plate already in place to receive the offering of the choir who use this door every Sunday.   I am pleased that even before I have had a chance to write this in the Bulletin, already we have people who have chosen to come into the church through the vestry door.   Please remember, we do have two doors and either can be used for entering and leaving.
Your friend and minister

Rodger Neilson



Just Trading ScotlandOur Harvest Thanksgiving service will be on 11 October and we shall be focussing on the MALAWI KITCHEN RICE CHALLENGE.
“JUST TRADING SCOTLAND” have issued this challenge by pointing out that
“If a farmer in Malawi can sell 90 kg of rice at a fair price then he would have sufficient income to send one of his children to High School.   Only 1 in 3 children attend High School in Malawi.   Education is one of the most effective ways to escape poverty.  Your congregation can make all the difference.  If 90 people buy 1kg rice each you can eat someone out of poverty.”
Cruden Church HAS the rice – we hope that members will buy it on 11 October.  Let us help someone complete their education in Malawi.



A number of our elders have passed the 30th anniversary of their ordination to the eldership.   Ordained in Cruden Old Church at the end of 1978 were the first women to become elders in Cruden Church and their number included the still serving Kathleen Craig, and Betty Smith.   Ordained at the same time were Adrian Smith and Sandy Smith.   Also in 1978, Wallace Donaldson was ordained and when he afterwards moved to Cruden Bay he was quickly added to our Session.   This means that 5 elders are now entitled to receive a Long Service Certificate signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly.
It is now expected that these certificates will be presented at our service on 1 November when we might also be admitting a new member by Profession of Faith.


COMING IN ADVENT     “Ready for Christmas”

This is a 4 week group study course that examines the major themes of Advent and relates them to our Christian preparations for Christmas in the context of the commercial values of a largely secular society.   This will run on Sunday evenings from 6.30 to 8 pm in the Church Hall, starting on 22 November and finishing on 13 December.


STARTING ON  11 CTOBER until 1 November


After a previous series looking at the beginnings of the Christian Church, we are now going to look at the story of the Church from the Reformation in the 16th century to the present day
11 October – Reformation
18 October- Troubles in the North East
25 October – Disruption
1 November – 20th Century
Starting 11.30 in the Church after tea and coffee



WATCH & TALK GROUP - 14th September

The first Meeting of the 2009/10 Session found us watching two very different DVDs.   The first one was of Bishop Desmond Tutu's address to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.   What a truly genuine man, there are very few people in this world who can speak with such honesty and love for God and mankind as he does.   He stressed God's love for us all and in particular for the poor and down trodden people in the world.   The Moderator, in his reply to Bishop Tutu's speech, pointed out what an unbelievable love and devotion to God the Bishop had and listening to his address to the Assembly had been a great delight and privilege.
The second DVD appeared to be searching into the fact that Jesus and his Disciples were born and bred Jews, who were probably practising their faith as taught to them but left us wondering where does Christianity come into it?   Jesus, however, preached that all people are acceptable to God regardless of their birth or creed.   St Paul, a devoted follower of Jesus and teacher of the Gospels, believed that Judaism came through faith as opposed to deeds.   There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Judaism and Christianity, trying to match Jesus, the Jew, to Jesus, the Christ, has us wondering, where does it all begin and end?   The Group's next Meeting will be on Tuesday 13th October, again at the home of Marilyn Samways, 3 Main Street, Cruden, where old and new members will be made very welcome.

Jenny McGarrol


Gleanings from a Study Leave Notebook

Prayer is an ascent of the mind to God

The origin of all prayer lies in our haunting sense of incompleteness.   In its most primitive form, prayer is a fierce and perhaps unreasoned cry for help, direction and peace.  
The qualities of good worship are spirituality and reverence, which is more to do with the state of the soul than with posture of words.
Every service should reach a climax when God should be visible and worshippers encouraged in their faith.   If the theme is joy, there should still be a niche for the person with a burdened heart.



Saving Lives on the Streets     Jackie Macadam is allowed exclusive access to the work of the Bethany Care Shelter; and looks at the work of Cale House, a CrossReach project for the homeless.
“The Angels Have Arrived!”     The outgoing regional manager of Tearfund Peter Chirnside, reflects on 30 years with the organisation.
An Oasis of Calm     Continuing the series of special reports from Malawi, Thomas Baldwin meets Helen Scott, deputy head of Ekwendeni Girls’ Secondary School.
Mr Europe’     Profile of Iain Majcher, a young Scottish son of the manse who works with the homeless in Amsterdam.
Seeds of Change     Donald Smith reflects on the social changes which have swept Scotland over the last year.
A Hidden Treasure     John Hume visits the remarkable Durisdeer Church.
‘As Christ Has Loved Us’     The Moderator reflects on his recent trip to South Africa.
If you would like to read Life & Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland,
 contact Isobel Young on 812360


Fochabers to Craigellachie Section of the

Speyside Way 15 August 2009

Boat o' Brig

We dropped one car off at Craigellachie and swept north past the historic Telford Bridge through Rothes to our starting point at Fochabers.   It was still raining so we marked time for an hour at Christies and set off just before noon.
The way marked track by the river gave way after a mile to a quiet country road.   A steep drop down to the Aultderg Burn and even steeper climb up the brae brought us to Culfodie.   We declined the owner's offer of plums and apples on the fruit trees, as they were unfortunately still unripe.   From our elevated position on the road, the great panorama of the valley rolled out all round, the mast-topped Knock More and neighbouring Ben Aigan appearing a long way ahead.   Boat O'Brig at the halfway stage provided a welcome picnic stop.
walkingAcross the road, the grassy track zigzagged steeply up the hill to Aigan Forest.   We lingered briefly at a viewpoint around the ten-mile mark and pressed on again past the imposing Ardillay House, over the buttressed McDowell Bridge to our destination, after 13 miles, at Craigellachie.

Margaret Wisely



Buttery Morning

A Buttery Morning in aid of Ekwendeni Hospital will be held in the Church Hall on Saturday 7 November 2009 at 10 30 am.
There will be raffles, a sales table and cards made by the Card Making Group will be on sale.
A big Thank You is extended to those who have continued throughout the past year to provide wool, knitting and other goods for Malawi.
Please give your support to this fund raising event so that our church can continue to respond to the needs of the hospital.

Annette Garden



We were very saddened to hear of the death of Jess Anderson, our Guide Captain during late 50's/early 60's.   What happy memories we have of those years when we cycled the long 3 miles each way from Netherton of Braco to the Guide hut in Hatton, come rain, hail or shine- we wouldn't have missed our Monday Guide nights for the world.   Jess was strict and none of us dared cross her, but she had immense patience and made sure we learnt all there was to know about Guiding whilst enjoying ourselves at the same time.
Indoors we learnt "The Promise", knots, campfire songs, parading and worked for our treasured Badges.   When the light evenings came, we enjoyed Nature and Treasure Hunts around the village and OUR favourite, Sausage Hikes.   She taught, guided us and joined in the fun and we held her in great esteem.
Summer holiday camps were great fun, (maybe not the latrines)!!!   Did it always rain at Castle Fraser?   Our expedition to Orkney was unforgettable, we laughed (and cried) only last month at some of the photos Jean Cantlay sent us, what memories they brought back of old Hatton friends.   Ann recalls her trip to Adelboden in Switzerland as being the best childhood Summer Holiday ever, stopping at the Houses of Parliament en route to be given a guided tour by our MP, Patrick Woolridge Gordon.  All holidays we would otherwise never have had and at the time few of us would have appreciated just how much hard work and planning Jess must have put into these trips.
We both got involved in Guiding in later years in later years. Ann helped out very briefly with the Milltimber Guides early 80's before moving to Ayrshire then on to the Isle of Man.   Barbara took over the Fettercairn Guides in 1980 and still continues to run them to this day, finding time to bring up her 4 children and working in Care Homes (which she still does) along the way, and still finds time to spoil 2 wonderful grandchildren.
Guide uniforms have changed but the principles of Guiding are still the same and she still enjoys passing on, as Jess did the values we were taught all those years ago.   She enjoys local Summer camps irrespective of weather and midges every year and she too has ventured along with other local companies to Adelboden in Switzerland to "Our Chalet".   She enjoys Guiding immensely, just like the Hatton days and will always be grateful to Jess for her encouragement and example which prompted her to carry on the good work of Guiding.   She hopes some of her Guides will become Leaders in years to come and pass on the good work she inherited from Jess to a whole new generation of Guides.
So many of us have benefited from Jess's teaching and feel very privileged to have been part of Jess & Chris's company.   What invaluable lessons we have all learnt along the way which have shaped our lives for the better.   Jess, we applaud you.                

Barbara & Ann (Davidson)  Formerly of Netherton of Braco






 Mr & Mrs Moir, Links View, Cruden Bay, just back from Australia, who will be celebrating their Ruby Wedding this month.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, e-mail preferred, any news for this feature in the Bulletin. He feels that it should not simply be a list of anniversaries and birthdays.



We knew last year that we had ordered more that we expected to sell in one go so, once again, there are the two different designs showing nativity scenes.   The cards will be sold in packs of 10 (5 of each design) at a cost of £3 per pack, or 2 packs for £5.   

Also for sale
Here is an idea for a Christmas present – nicely boxed paper weights of Cruden Parish Church.   They are 90cms x 20cms and will cost £10 each.   They will be available at the church on Sundays.



poppyThe Kirk Session’s Education and Worship Committee discussed the timing and length of the Remembrance Sunday Service in light of the number of younger children who are usually present.   The Committee decided that a report should be drawn up for the Kirk Session outlining the different arguments for and against the service that Sunday starting at 10 am (as at present), or 10.15 am or 10.30 am.   Next month’s Bulletin will inform you if the Session decides to change the usual starting time.


??     PEOPLE   WORTH   QUOTING      ??

Winston Churchill once said that he related to the church like a (flying) buttress.   He supported it from the outside.
Luis Palau captured the nature of the church in an earthly metaphor.   The church is like manure.   Pile it together and it stinks up the neighbourhood.  Spread it out and it enriches the world.
Paul Tournier once said that there are two things we cannot do alone.   One is to be married and other is to be a Christian.
and finally   It is reported that a text on the wall in one minister’s study  reads, “God so loved the world that he didn’t send a committee”.



*denotes member of Cruden Church
*Mr James Stewart, Woodville, Hatton.
Mrs Johanna Stewart, New Zealand formerly from Cruden Bay



Friday 20 November 2009
Red House Hotel    7 for 7.30 pm
Ticket     £20
includes 3 course meal & wine
After-dinner speaker
Dr Douglas Nicol
Musical entertainment

An Initiative of Cruden Parish Church Social Committee



If unable to do door duty, please inform Sandy Beedie - 841370.   This should be done by the preceding Friday to allow correct names to be listed on the service order.   If unable to do tea duty, please inform Wilma Moir - 841516.   We would prefer, if you are unable to fulfil your duty, that you endeavour to find your own replacement before informing Sandy or Wilma as appropriate.



It is very helpful that, on any Sunday you attend, you hand in one envelope which can include what you might have put into envelopes for Sundays you missed.