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Cruden Paish Church
A Registered Charity  SC 006408

The Bulletin

November 2009

Bound for Iona


[Read about the Pilgrimage]

Diary Dates

November 2009

Sundays   10.00 am  Children’s Sunday Club in the Old Church & Stables

Sunday 1st 
MORNING SERVICE 10.00 am            
Admission of New Communicant
Presentation of Elders’ Long Service Certificates
Adult Sunday School  
11.30 am  Church

Wednesday 4th
Time for Chat and Coffee  10:30 am   Hall
Choir Practice 7.30 pm Hall

Sunday 8th 
Youth Organisations on Parade

Monday 9th
Watch and Talk Group 7.30 pm   Main Street, Cruden Bay

Saturday 14th Malawi
Buttery Morning 10.30 am  Hall

Sunday 15th
MORNING SERVICE10.00 am           
Cruden Churches Walk 11.30 Tarves

Wednesday 18th
Choir Practice 7.30 pm Hall
Friday 20th 
St Andrew’s Night Dinner 7 for 7.30 pm   Red House Hotel

Sunday 22nd 
MORNING  SERVICE   10.00 am        
Sacrament of Baptism
Advent Study  6.30 pm Hall       

Monday 23rd 
Kirk Session   7.30 pm   Hall

Sunday 29th  
MORNING SERVICE10.00 am              
Sacrament of Holy Communion
 Advent Study 6.30 pm Hall       
Monday 30th 
Cruden Guild 7.30 pm Hall
Gordon McKay – Scottish Night

Wednesday 2nd Time for Chat and Coffee 10:30 am  Hall



poppyAt its October meeting, the Kirk Session decided to change the start time of the service on

Remembrance Sunday.  

It will start ½ an hour later at   10.30 am.



Volunteers Corner

Christian Aid
Someone who cares about poverty enough, to want to help!   We need to appoint a CHRISTIAN AID ORGANISER
for the Parish of Cruden in good time before next year’s Christian Aid Week.   For further information contact the Minister.

The choir are looking for at least two ladies to join the soprano section.   Might you be interested?

Help is desperately needed to enable people from Hatton get to Church on Sundays.  If you can help, contact Beatrice Fawkes on 84181.


Cruden Parish Church Christmas Cards

2 designs taken from Nativity Posters used many years ago
by our Sunday School.    
£3 for a pack of 10.  
2 packs    £5
Available in the Church Hall or by phoning the Manse.


Friday 20 November 2009
Red House Hotel   
7 for 7.30 pm
Ticket   £20   includes 3 course meal & wine
After-dinner speaker   Dr Douglas Nicol
Musical entertainment  Gordon Hay and Graeme Skene

 An Initiative of Cruden Parish Church Social Committee


Life and Work

Hope for the future    Exploring the work of the Church of Scotland in Scottish prisons and with young offenders.
A Questioning Faith     Profile of Alex Fergusson MSP, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and a Son of the Manse.
A Life in Service of Country     Donald McGilp reflects on Remembrance Sunday.
What Does the Lord Require of You?    Lynne McNeil reports from the annual meeting of the Guild.
A Privilege to Care     Dr Murdo Macdonald offers a focus on end of life issues.
Mrs Knox’s packing     Jane Dawson discovers the roots of a ‘start-up’ kit for the Reformation in Scotland.
Scottish Weather?    Thomas Baldwin’s latest reports from Malawi focus on the work of the Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.
If you would like to read Life & Work, the magazine of the Church of Scotland,
 contact Isobel Young on 812360


Watch and Talk Group

This month's DVD was presented by Michael Portillo who gave the history of Christianity from the time when the Roman Emperor Constantine adopted the Christian Faith to when the Roman Catholic Church took control of the Christian Church.   It would appear Constantine's idea of Christianity cannot be compared with the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament.  
He saw no reason why he should not persecute and slaughter the pagans who refused to follow his rules.   It would appear Constantine’s reasons for becoming a Christian were probably politically motivated which may explain why he had his own version of a Spin Doctor in the name of Eusebius who had particular views about what should be included in the New Testament.
As the Roman Emperors became weaker in their control of the Empire, the Catholic Church and the Popes filled the void created by the fall of the Roman Empire.   The Roman Catholic Church has, to this day, maintained considerable influence in the Christian Church.   However, Michael Portillo concluded by saying that power is for politicians not churchmen.
Our next meeting will find us watching a DVD on the Reformation.   This meeting will be held on Monday 9th November at 7.30 pm at the home of Marilyn Samways, 3 Main Street, Cruden Bay where old and new members will be made very welcome.
Jenny McGarrol

Malawi Flag and MapMalawi Corner

Ekwendeni Fundraising

Buttery Morning

A Buttery Morning in aid of Ekwendeni Hospital will be held in the Church Hall on Saturday 14 November 2009 at 10 30 am.
There will be raffles, a sales table and cards made by the Card Making Group will be on sale.
A big Thank You is extended to those who have continued throughout the past year to provide wool, knitting and other goods for Malawi.
Please give your support to this fund raising event so that our church can continue to respond to the needs of the hospital.

Annette Garden








to Mrs Norah Hardy, Sunnybank Care Home, Cruden Bay and Miss Hilda Davie, Lesmar, Upperrmill, Hatton who will be celebrating their 90th Birthdays this month.

The minister would welcome, in writing please, any news for this feature in the Bulletin. 


6.30 pm – 8 pm   in Cruden Church Hall


Thinking Through Advent

All are welcome to come along to these evenings.   Please register your interest with the Minister so that you can receive a copy of the booklet which will be issued for a little background reading to enable fruitful discussion to take place.
Also on these evenings we will think ahead to Christmas through poems, readings and looking at the stories behind some of our favourite carols.

booksAnnette Garden and Beatrice Fawkes will soon be choosing a Book Stall for Sundays 15th, 22nd and 29th November. The Stall will include items with the Christmas theme and your support will be most welcome.




*denotes member of Cruden Church
*Mr James Stewart, Woodville, Hatton.
Mrs Johanna Stewart, New Zealand formerly from Cruden Bay



Is this place really nearer to God?    
Is the wall thin between our whispers and His listening?
I only know the world grows less and less
Here what matters is conquering the wind,
coming home dryshod, getting the fire lit.
I am not sure whether there is no time here or more time, whether the light is stronger or just easier to see.
That is why I keep returning, thirsty, to this place that is older than my understanding, younger than my broken spirit.

IonaThe Pilgrimage from Cruden Parish Church included those who would experience that spirit of Iona for the first time and those returning indeed thirsty, for more.
The dictionary defines the pilgrim as “one who travels a distance to visit some holy place, in performance of a vow.”   Standing on the shores of St Columba’s Bay after an arduous trek to the south of the island, we were able to look over the horizon and imagine the little boat carrying Columba and his twelve monks sailing from Ireland towards these unknown shores not knowing whether this land held friend or foe or would be fertile enough to sustain them to settle here.  They could never have foreseen that the path they trod would have such impact down through the centuries and that many pilgrims would come desiring to walk in their footsteps.   They put the past firmly behind them and moved on to live a life of obedience and discipleship which resulted in the Gospel of Christ being spread throughout Scotland and Europe.    And so we were challenged to think of the importance of the path we choose through life and the effect our actions will leave behind for future generations.Iona columba's Bay
Travelling over the Machair along beautiful white sandy beaches and just able to see the outline of Tiree in the distance, we arrived at the Hermit’s Cell where the monks would regularly spend a few days in isolation to meditate and draw closer to God.  Here we were asked to reflect on the need to set ourselves apart from our daily busyness to nurture our relationship with God.
Continuing on our journey to the north of the island meant that the large majority of the group were taken out of their comfort zone and physically challenged with the climb up Iona’s highest hill, Dun I.   On conquering the summit there was much applause and clicking of cameras both to record the occasion and the spectacular views around the island.
After a precarious descent from Dun I (which left one pilgrim with a very wet bottom!) we headed for the beach on the very northern tip of Iona from where we could view Staffa and Fingal’s Cave and recall the boat trip we had made there the previous day when we had felt the power of the sea around us and marvelled at the awesomeness of God’s handiwork.   With a gentle breeze blowing around us and a warm sun overhead we joined in a simple sharing of bread and wine.   As we did this the words of Psalm 133 came to my mind – “Nothing is more pleasing to God than when brothers live together in harmony … for that is where God’s blessing is to be found” and I silently gave thanks for the many blessings God had poured on us in our time together.

We had been blessed in the fun and laughter we shared as we walked and at the table while eating exquisite food together.
We had been blessed in our time of reflection at the end of each day when Rodger delighted us by relating stories from ‘Adomnan’s Life of Columba’.
We had been blessed in and through the worship in the Abbey each morning and evening as we prayed and sang together and shared in an Agape Meal.
We had been blessed in the connecting of our lives with each other and with God.
‘There are moments when life feels real, when we touch the spirit in each other and share the beauty and sorrows of our lives and our hearts gain understanding and grow strong.’
Catherine Leitch




Sunday 13 September

We left the car park for the Tillyfourie cycle trail along a wide-open track that rose gently through open woodland.   Whitehills' prehistoric stone circle was our first objective.   The huge altar stone and one flanker were still intact, as was standing stone No. 5 on the perimeter of the extensive circle.  
After a fairly level stretch, our track left the main cycle trail and rose steeply through woodland until it reached open moorland.   The route continued north rising sharply alongside a fence until we reached the summit of Green Hill (just over 1,000 feet) where the whole panorama of Donside opened out for us.
We carefully descended the rough track to meet up with a wide-open forestry road just over the halfway point at marker point 4 on our map, but 6 on the ground.   We took that irregularity and the further one in our stride and circled back southward, the track rising gently as it cleared the woodland.
On the last lap, we were intrigued by the land formation in a nearby field and, a little later on, pooled our observations of flight, markings and size to identify a woodpecker as it dipped away from us.

LOGIE DURNO       Sunday 11 October

We were pleased to welcome Robert’s sister, Isobel, on our walk.   Her wee dog, Scruffy, was our pacesetter stepping out smartly, ears cocked and tail wagging, being reined in occasionally to have twigs and grasses plucked from his undercarriage.
Our starting point was a village hall, a popular dance venue many years ago.   The massive form of Bennachie dominated the countryside as we headed up a quiet country road into the wind.   A short woodland section provided shelter, and we emerged again at Logie Durno Church.  
Apart from a roofless family crypt, nothing else remained, a mass of ivy suggesting the shape of the original church.   Lichen covered upright stones and moss-covered flat stones, where visible, dated back to the early 1800s.   We looped south to the banks of the Ury to the site of three small symbol stones.   Close by was a row of pet memorials, "Gip" being a recurring favourite.
The refurbished Logie House was visible through the trees as we headed back to Whiteford and then Lochters for coffee.
Margaret Wisely



*denotes member
*Mrs Elizabeth Clarke, Sunnybank Care Home, Cruden Bay.
*Mr Robert Knox, Quarry Road, Hatton

Holy Communion

Sunday 29 November 10 am

Duty Elders
Kate Clark, Annette Garden, Betty Smith,
Jim MacDonald, Robert Petticrew, Sandy Smith, Jack Young, Betty Forrester, Muriel Cantlay, Robert Esson

The minister would be pleased to offer the opportunity to anyone unable to attend church to receive home Communion at the end of November.   Please let your District Elder (failing which the Minister) know if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity

flowers2010 Flower Calendar

Calendar for the Old Church will now be found on the notice board at the Church and members are invited to add their name beside any date on which they would wish to place flowers on the communion table.   The gift of such flowers is always greatly appreciated.   In particular, it is hoped that the early months of next year will soon be filled up.