Your Wedding in Cruden Church

All marriage services are conducted in the church, either before a company of invited guests or, if desired, more privately in the presence of two witnesses. Marriage is not a public service and the Minister is in sole charge of all proceedings within the church.
The date and time of the wedding must be arranged personally with the Minister as soon as possible although weddings can be arranged at short notice if there is due cause. The Church will be open an hour before the time of the wedding. The service will last for twenty-five minutes.

The Minister will arrange for an Organist to play. If there are any special requests regarding the music, he will direct couples to contact the Organist.

You are yourselves responsible for the arrangement of flowers in the church. However, if help is wanted, you may contact the church's Flower Team Leader Mrs Betty Forrester 01779 841205.


You may arrange with the Minister to hold a wedding rehearsal at some mutually suitable time when the whole bridal party should try to attend along with the bride's father. It is useful to bring to the rehearsal the wedding schedule, the hymn sheets and the fee envelopes.

The Groom should arrive in the Vestry with his best man at least fifteen minutes before the service. The Minister will meet the Bride at the Church door and lead her to the chancel and her waiting Groom. Coming down the aisle the Bride should rest her left arm on her escort's right arm.
Leaving the church in order to sign the register in the Vestry, the Minister leads, followed by the Bride and Groom. After them come the bridesmaid and best man, other attendants if any, the Bride's mother and the Groom's father, the Groom's mother and the Bride's father. All ladies should be on the left of their escorts.
In the same order afterwards, they leave from the Vestry and proceed to the Church door.

Cruden Parish Church Kirk Session have laid down the following scale of fees:
Organist - £40
Church - for the use of the church
if one of the couple is a church member
£100 if neither is a church members but one of them resides in the parish
£150 if neither is a resident in the parish.
These fees should be placed in separate envelopes appropriately addressed and given to the Minister preferably at any rehearsal arranged.

It must be appreciated that the Minister might be unable to attend wedding receptions if invited.

The first step to take is to visit the Registrar in Ellon about 4 or 5 weeks before the wedding so that you can complete the forms required to allow him to issue the Marriage Schedule.
The Schedule MUST be in the hands of the Minister before the wedding service begins, and so should be brought preferably to the rehearsal, failing which to the vestry by the groom or best man when they arrive for the service. After the wedding, you must ensure the Schedule is returned to the Registrar within three days .
Two witnesses of at last 16 years of age are required to be present to sign the Schedule.

Children are often asked to do tasks beyond their abilities at weddings. Children under seven are really too young to stand through a wedding. Far better that they stay with parents during the service and only accompany the couple for photographs before and after.

It is normal to have two hymns at a wedding, to open and close the service. For your help in selecting your hymns, here are a few suggestions from the Church Hymnary, 3rd Edition .

To open with : Hymns 9 72 360 387
Also: As wedding music fills the air

To close with : Hymns 90 388 437 600 601 602
Also from the new Church Hymnary, 4th Edition good choices would be 696 697 698

Before coming to the marriage service, you ought to give special thought to its meaning and significance. It is a Christian service during which you take solemn vows before God.
You have found joy in each other. Your friendship has deepened into love and your love, in turn, has deepened into certainty and trust so that you are now ready to commit yourselves to one another in marriage.
In the view of the church, marriage owes its existence to God who has ordained that husband and wife should love each other and be faithful to each other throughout their life together.
Marriage was given us that family life may continue and that children may be brought up in the love and security of a stable and happy home. It was given us for the welfare of human society which tends to be strong and happy only where the marriage commitment is kept and honoured.
S o marriage is not a thing to enter into thoughtlessly but with a keen awareness of the seriousness of the vows that you are taking before God.

Here is the vow you will take

I (name) now take you (name) to be my husband (wife). In the presence of God and before these witnesses, I promise to be loving, faithful and loyal wife (husband) to you, until God shall separate us by death.

After the vows are taken, there is the giving and receiving of the ring(s) and then God's blessing is asked on you as husband and wife.

Rev Rodger Neilson
The Manse
AB42 0QQ
Phone 01779 841229