Statement of Intent on support to be given to Malawi

Cruden Parish Church commits itself, in the year ending 31 May 2008, to
  1. continue to inform the congregation through the Bulletin
    * of the work of our Missionary Partners, Andy and Fliss Gaston
    * of the needs of Ekwendeni Hospital
  2. continue to send goods to Ekwendeni Hospital
  3. provide direct financial support of £1,000 to be split between supporting our Missionary Partners and supporting Ekwendeni Hospital (including contributions for the transport of gifts to the Hospital)
  4. encourage the Junior Church and the Guild to undertake a “Malawi project”
  5. encourage the work in Malawi to find a focus in congregational and individual prayer
  6. review progress made on each of the above before the end of twelve months

Missionary Partners

Under the Church of Scotland's Partner Scheme, Cruden Parish Church is linked with Dr Andrew and Mrs Felicity Gaston working in Malawi. Andy now directs an Aids/HIV Project so they no longer work at Ekwendeni Hospital which we continue to support.

The Congregation's Missionary Partner Correspondent is Miss Betty May.




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