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Cruden Old Church

Cruden Old Church










Cruden Old Church is located over the Bishop's Bridge from the Hatton to Cruden Bay road, via Bridgend.

Lookout for the Cruden Old Church signs on the A90, Hatton to Peterhead Road, and at the Bishop's Bridge turn off. If you are coming from Cruden Bay look for the sign on the right on the Cruden Bay to Newburgh Road before you reach St James' Scottish Episcopal Church.

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Inside Cruden Old Church

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Cruden West Church

Cruden West ChurchMain Street, Hatton.

The Kirk Session decided in August 2007 that, because of the vast amount of money required to upgrade this building and the little use made of it, it would be no longer used after December 2007.

The last service in the Church was held on the evening of 30 December 2007 when the guest preacher was the Rev James Wishart, minister of Old Deer.

.Read about the history of Cruden West Church.


Church Fabric

Property Reports, commissioned in accordance with a scheme laid down by the General Assembly, have indicated the need to meet substantial costs in bringing our properties up to a satisfactory standard. Under our Property Convener, Mr Robert Esson, much progress has been made in the last few years to improve the standard of our Church but our Fabric Fund would always benefit from any donations which would be gratefully received. They should be clearly marked for the Fabric Fund.



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