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LENT 2024

Lent 2024 begins on Ash Wednesday 14th February
and runs up to Saturday 30th March.

Our theme for this year is ‘Lifting the gloom and finding hope!’
Each day of lent you are invited to read a short section of Mark’s Gospel.
 (A suggested list of readings is available on request)
As you read, reflect on two things.
What is it that helps to lift the gloom that appears to permeate the age in which we live?
What is it that helps us to find hope?
The answers can come from any direction! From the Bible Reading or from other experiences or sources.
Each Sunday during Lent we will meet for 20/30 minutes after the service to share our thoughts and reflections.
Everybody welcome.
For more information, please contact Sean (tel. 07791 755976)

Join in the Sunday Service online
All our Services are livestreamed on our You Tube Channel. You can also see the service there at a later time.

25th February 2024

Cruden Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland, in the Presbytery of the North East and the Nornern Isles in rural Aberdeenshire. Cruden Parish Church is situated between Cruden Bay on the coast and the village of Hatton three miles inland.